Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Hévíz

Questions about Lake Hévíz and the Spa


Where is the thermal lake located?


How much is an entrance ticket?

Can I pay by credit card or Euros?

What are the opening hours of the thermal lake?

Where can I rent a swimming ring?

At the Lake Bath, you can also rent a swimming ring for 600 HUF (+1,000 HUF deposit).

How deep is the water of the thermal lake?


How warm is the thermal water?



Questions about programs, services, and transportation

What programs are there in the city right now?


What programs are there in the region right now?

What sights should we see in Hévíz?

When and where is the Farmers' Market at Hévíz?

Where is the vineyard at Hévíz?

How does the bicycle system called 'HeBi' function?

How does the Hévíz Card function?


How often is there a bus to Keszthely and back?

In every 20-30 minutes, from Hévíz buses set off from station 3.

What kind of souvenirs and mud products are offered?

Where is the bicycle road between Hévíz and Keszthely?

How much is renting a bike?


From where does the Dotto leave? How often does the Dotto go?


How can I get out to the vineyards?


Where can I find a pharmacy?


Where can I find the post office?


Where can I find a GP?


Where can I find drinking fountains?


Where can I park my car?


Where can I find a bank or an ATM?


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