Lake Bath opening hours, prices

Main Entrance &
Festetics Spa Entrance

dr. Schulhof Vilmos promenade and Ady Endre Street

Low season
1 January 2023 - 26 March 2023
9 October 2023 - 31 March 2024

Open: 9:00
Closing of the cashdesk: 16:30
End of bathing time/wellness: 17:00
Closing: 17:30

Holiday time in December

Closing time on 24.12.2023 is at 14:00; on 31.12.2023 at 16:00. Opening time is at 11:00 on 01.01.2024.


High season
29 May2023 - 3 September 2023
Open: 9:00
Closing of the cashdesk: 18:00
End of bathing time/wellness: 18:30
Closing: 19:00

Early season / Off season
27 March 2023 - 28 May 2023
4 September 2023 - 8 October 2023
Open: 9:00
Closing of the cashdesk: 17:30
End of bathing time/wellness: 18:00
Closing: 18:30



Summer Entrance

Deák Ferenc Square

 Currently closed

Opernin: 9:00
Closing of the cashdesk: 18:00
Closing: 19:00


Hévíz Lake Bath reserve the right to change the opening hours and prices.

Hévíz Lake Bath Telephone:
+36 30 959 1002



Valid from 01. April 2022. until withdrawn

3-hour tickets

3-hour ticket 3 800 Ft
3-hour senior ticket / over 60 years old 3 300 Ft
3-hour student ticket / over 14 years old 3 300 Ft
3-hour children ticket / between 6 and 14 years old 2 000 Ft
3-hour group ticket / up to 20 people
3 400 Ft / p

Daily tickets

Daily ticket
6 500 Ft
Daily senior ticket / over 60 years old
6 000 Ft
Daily student ticket
6 000 Ft

Combined family daily tickets

Minimum 3 person, if at least 1 person is a child.

Adult 6 000 Ft / p
Student (over 14)
(over 60)
5 000 Ft / p
Children (between 6-14) 3 000 Ft / p

Additional tickets

+ 1 hour extension (for the 3-hour tickets)
1 500 Ft
+ upgrading to daily ticket (for the 3-hour tickets)
3 000 Ft
+ additional wellness ticket (for all tickets)
2 800 Ft
Time limit fee (For exceeding the time limit, for every 30 minutes started.)
1 000 Ft

Lake Passes

10-hour Lake Pass - Valid on the day of purchase + 15 calendar days.
11 000 Ft
+ 2 000 Ft deposit
20-hour Lake Pass - Valid on the day of purchase + 25 calendar days. 20 000 Ft
+ 2 000 Ft deposit

Other ticket types

Discounted Ticket before Closing (available 2 hours before the end of bathing time)
3 000 Ft
Visitor's Ticket (bathing is not included, max. 30 min)
1 600 Ft + 2 000 Ft deposit
Luggage room (seasonal) 300 Ft / package
Swim-rig rental (daily fee)
600 Ft + 1 000 Ft deposit


Single-day tickets: Usable on the day of purchase only. Entitles the bearer to one-time entry. An additional charge will be levied if the allotted time limit is exceeded. Additional time extension cannot be purchased after the time limit has expired.

Lake passes: Deposits are refundable within 5 days of expiery. Refunds are payable in cash only, each day before the end of bathing time. Passes eintitle the bearer to enter the premises on two occasions per day. Following the bearer's first exit, a 15-minute wait period is required before return entry is permitted. Upon exiting the premises, locker number assignments are automatically cleared, after which we can accept no liability for contents. An additional charge will be levied if the alloted time limit is exceeded.



• The depth of the lake is 2 to 38 m.
• We reserve the right to change both prices and opening hours.
• No refunds on the price of purchased tickets can be offered.
• Accepted means of payment: cash (HUF), bank card.
• An ATM is available during opening hours at the Schulhof entrance.
• By purchasing admission to the lake area, visitors implicitly agree to adhere to the house rules.
• Admission for children under 6 is free.
• Swimming-tube rental is possible only with the purchase of the rental ticket and the payment of the deposit. The Bath returns the deposit fee of the rented equipment only until the end of bathing time, on the day of rental.
• Entrance tickets do not include sauna usage. A seperate additional wellness ticket must be bought in order to enter the wellness area. Wellness and sauna services are available to individuals over 12 years of age only. For reasons of hygiene, one sauna towel is provided for each additional wellness ticket.
• Opening hours for the children's pool depend on season and weather. The children's pool is accessible to children up to 14 years of age.
• For more information, please consult the information counter at the Schulhof entrance.



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