Lake Hévíz

Flavius Theodosius, the emperor who was a sickly child, or the best-known legend of the origin of Lake Hévíz

According to the ancient legend about the birth of the lake and its healing powers, Flavius, a Roman boy, was brought up by a Christian nurse here in Pannonia. The boy was weak and of poor health but his father was a great military leader so the nurse prayed to Virgin Mary to help him. The Holy Virgin, hearing her prayer, caused a spring to gush forth, in the healing water of which the child was bathed every day. The hot water of the spring and the steaming mud made the child's body grow stronger and stronger. Later, the boy became the Emperor of Eastern Rome, Flavius Theodosius, who made Christianity the state religion of his empire in 391. Since then, the water of the spring has been feeding Lake Hévíz and has brought healing to many.

When it comes to Hévíz and the Romans, there is no doubt that there were several places in the settlement and the surrounding area where people lived in Roman times. Local excavations show that there was a significant settlement in the period of the Roman empire in the present-day Egregy district. Several finds of the Villa Rustica - or villa farm - show that the settlement was inhabited from the 1st century until the 5th century. Roman artefacts were found not only in Egregy but also in other parts of Hévíz: Roman coins, earthenware, and an altar stone of Jupiter were found in the bed of Lake Hévíz.

The formation of Lake Hévíz in reality…

Lake Hévíz was born at the same time as Lake Balaton 20-22 thousand years ago. The origin of Lake Hévíz dates back to the time when the basalt mountains around Lake Balaton and Lake Balaton itself were born. At the end of the Pannonian period, volcanoes broke up the landscape of the Transdanubian region. The first signs of postvolcanic activity were the eruption of hot springs, such as the original Hévíz thermal spring. Archaeological excavations show that people lived here as early as the end of the Stone Age. In addition, many legends are dating back to different periods about the healing properties of the water here. According to Roman remains and finds, Hévíz was already a settlement 2,000 years ago, but even more surprisingly, water samples taken upon the discovery of the spring cave suggest that the cold water from the spring is 8,000 years old, while the hot medicinal water is 12,000 years old.




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Hévíz Lake Bath and Festetics Bathhouse opening hours and price list

The Hévíz Spa and St. Andrew's Hospital for Rheumatology reserve the right to change the opening hours and prices.
Hévíz Lake Baths phone number: 06 83 342 830


Dear Guests,


According to the current Hungarian laws, vaccines or PCR Tests are not required to visit the Lake. Masks are compulsory to wear indoors (by the entrance, in the clothing rooms etc.)

Thank you for your understanding, hope to see you soon!


There are several pools in the are of the Lake Bath

Name of the pool Water surface (m2) Temperature (°C) Depth (cm)
Indoor pools 4 pcs. 520 24-38 (depending on the season) 200-300

 - one of it with massage elements

260 24-38 (depending on the season) 200-300

 - one of it with weight bath

20 24-38 (depending on the season) 150
Children's pool on the coast (in summertime) 95 / 32 30-32 30-120


Opening hours


As of right now only the following entrances are open: Festetics Spa, Schulhof Vilmos Promenade (main entrance)

  Open Closing of the cash-desk End of bathing time
End of wellness
Season "A" 
05.30.2022. - 04.09.2022.
8.30 am 6 pm 6.30 pm 6.30 pm 7 pm
Season "B"
03.28.2022. - 29.05.2022.;

05.09.2022. - 09.10.2022.
9 am 5.30 pm 6 pm 6 pm 6.30 pm
Season "C" 
01.01.2022. - 27.03.2022.

10.10.2022. - 26.03.2022.
9 am 4.30 pm 5 pm

5 pm

5.30 pm


The Bath is open every day, all year around. The Bath closes on 24.12.2022 at 2 pm,  and on 31.12.2022 at 2 pm. The Bath opens at 11 am on 01.01.2023.




Type of ticket Lake Wellness Maximum duration Available Price (HUF)
Nympha - 2 hours 2 hours before closing 2 800,-
Lotus 3 hours 3 hours before closing 4 200,-
Family ticket
(Per adult, child./pers. under 14 years
child./pers. over 14 years with student card)
- 3+2 hours During opening hours 3 500,- +children
1 900,-
2 900,-
3 500,-


Name Lake Wellness Price (HUF)
Lake ticket (3 hours)   3 500,-
Lake ticket (4 hours)   4 300,-
Daily ticket   6 000,-
1-hour complimentary ticket (To the valid ticket, except Lake-passes)   + 1 300,-
Wellness-Saunaworld complementary ticket (To the valid Lake ticket) - + 2 300,-
Hot & Cold (2 hours) 3 700,-
Relax (4 hours) 5 500,-
Senior ticket over 60 years (3 hours) – With preliminary presentation of ID card - 3 000,-
Children ticket (3 hours), between 6-14 years - 1 900,-
Student ticket (3 hours), with student card - 2 900,-
Visitor’s ticket (30 min.) * -

1 500,-
Deposit fee: + 2 000,- **

Group ticket over 20 people/person (3 hours) - 3 300,-
Exit fee (In case exceeding the time limit) - - 30,- /min.
Cabin (To the valid ticket) - - 1 000,-
Sauna towel - - 500,-
Lake-pass (10 hours) - 11 000,-
Deposit fee: + 2 000,- **
Lake-pass (20 hours) - 20 000,-
Deposit fee: + 2 000,- **


Validity of passes:
10-hour pass: valid for 10 calendar days from the day of purchase for two entries a day.
20-hour pass: valid for 20 calendar days from the day of purchase for two entries a day.
* Please note that a visitor's ticket does not entitle the holder to bathe. The deposit of HUF 2,000 is non-refundable in the event of overstay. Thank you for your understanding.
** The deposit can only be paid in cash.

  • Valid from 09.05.2020 until withdrawal.
  • The depth of the medicinal lake is 2-38 meters.
  • Free use of changing rooms (included in the entrance fee)
  • A sauna sheet is provided free of charge if you buy a ticket that entitles you to the use of the wellness facilities.
  • The services of the wellness area are only available to persons over 12 years of age.
  • Children under 6 years of age are admitted free of charge.
  • The deposit is refundable within 72 hours of expiry.
  • Daily tickets are valid only on the day of purchase.
  • All tickets are valid for one entry a day only.
  • We are not able to refund the price of the purchased tickets.
  • We reserve the right to change prices and opening hours.
  • An ATM is available during the opening hours in the building accessed from the Schulhof Promenade.

You can have more information about our special offers at the cash desks or on our website.
Hévíz Lake Baths phone number: 06 83 342 830



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