Having a complex problem

Can I bathe in thermal water? Can I take a mud wrap? Is the weight bath recommended for me?

Before starting therapy, it is essential to consult a specialist, who will be able to identify any conditions that may make treatment advisable or contraindicated.

The therapies in Hévíz are called "complex therapies", which means that the treatments are built on each other and are planned in advance. Each patient needs to have an individualised treatment tailored to their condition, taking into account contraindications (underlying illness or health conditions for which a particular treatment is not recommended). The optimal duration of therapy is 3 weeks.  Treatments not only bring improvement during treatment but can also make the patient pain-free for months.


Indication for Hévíz therapies

  • Rheumatic musculoskeletal complaints of all types of degenerative abrasion and calcification (arthrosis, problems of the vertebrae, ligaments, small joints and discs - spondylosis, spondylarthritis, discopathy).
  • Inflammatory joint and spine diseases at the dormant stage (arthritis, polyarthritis, PCP, spondylarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis). It is only effective in osteoarthritic diseases when the acute stage has already passed.
  • However, the symptoms of chronic joint diseases can be effectively relieved. Connective tissue rheumatism (muscle and ligament diseases).
  • Secondary joint diseases, joint complaints associated with metabolic disorders (e.g. gout).
  • Disorders of endocrine glands.
  • Joint inflammation associated with skin diseases (e.g. joint and spinal changes associated with psoriasis).
  • Fractures, accidental injuries, post-musculoskeletal surgery (especially limb fractures) at a stage suitable for rehabilitation.
  • Treatment of metabolic bone diseases (manifest, severe, i.e. T-score < 2.5, osteoporosis and cases of osteoporosis with non-traumatic fractures).
  • Traumatology - rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders following injury (post-traumatic);
  • Chronic disorders of the peripheral nervous system (e.g. ischialgia, polyneuropathy, paresis), mainly due to mechanical causes.
  • Pre- and post-operative treatment of joint surgery, post-operative treatment of disc hernia. Rehabilitation of post-operative cases, post-operative conditions following arthroplasty of the small and large joints and other joint reconstruction operations.
  • Neurology and neurosurgery, cases with manifest neurological deficit "residual" symptoms after hernia disci opus.
  • Chronic gynaecological diseases.

Contraindications for Hévíz therapies

  • Malignant tumours (at a stage requiring surgical or pharmaceutical treatment).
  • Heart disease (decompensated) causing a circulatory disturbance, vascular disease.
  • High blood pressure (if it cannot be adjusted to the desired level or if it causes organic complaints).
  • Severe atherosclerosis, coronary artery sclerosis.
  • After a heart attack (if prohibited by a cardiologist). Severe varicose veins (venous thrombosis).
  • All acute inflammatory diseases (varicose veins, as well as the active phase of arthritis).
  • All acute and chronic infectious diseases (e.g. TB, hepatitis, etc.)
  • Leukaemia, other serious haematological diseases, severe anaemia (leukaemia, anaemia, haemophilia).
  • Pulmonary asthma, with frequent attacks.
  • Active ulcers (gastric or intestinal), renal failure, kidney stones. Sudden fainting attacks (epilepsy, Adams-Stokes syndrome).
  • Chronic alcoholism, severe liver cirrhosis, poor liver function.
  • Weeping eczema, extensive, open wounds.
  • Hyperthyroidism (unadjusted!) accompanied by organic complaints.
  • Uncompensated diabetes, severe weight loss or gain.
  • First six weeks after therapeutic radiotherapy.
  • Pregnancy.

The indications and contraindications are not the same for all treatments, so they are not set by the specialist for the complex therapy, but by type of treatment.

Those with Hungarian health insurance can participate in the treatment as in-patients or out-patients but treatments are available to anyone as a guest of a qualified spa hotel.

If your health insurance fund allows you to receive treatment in Hungary, please enquire about your options at the qualified spa and wellness hotel of your choice.

Hévíz has several certified spa and wellness hotels where you can receive medical treatment. This means, of course, that you can enjoy the full equivalent of hospital treatments. In hotels, all treatments are preceded by an on-site medical examination as well. It is a good idea to bring previous medical records and test results with you. The treatments are prescribed by the hotel's medical specialist and carried out by qualified medical hotel staff in the treatment rooms. All the certified spa hotels in Hévíz have access to the thermal water of Hévíz, so treatments in thermal water and with thermal mud are also available. The services provided in hotels are therefore medically equivalent to those in hospitals, however, combined with hotel surroundings and comfort.

Medical treatments are provided in the hospital, in the Festetics Bathhouse and the spa hotels.

Only patients with Hungarian health insurance can use the hospital's state-funded medical services.

Lake Baths

The services of the Lake Baths are open to everyone. There are several types of tickets available, some of them entitle the holder to use the wellness services as well. Occasional or regular bathing in Lake Hévíz is typically recommended alongside medical treatments either as a preventive measure or as a medicinal therapy.

Festetics Bathhouse

The Bathhouse offers wellness and medical wellness treatments for a fee, and complex condition assessment tests are available in the Kinesio Movement Analysis Laboratory.

Therapies and treatments in certified spa hotels in Hévíz

In the hotels listed here, you can find all the medical treatments included in the Traditional Hévíz Therapy, and according to medical criteria, these treatments meet the requirements both in terms of content and quality.

Other wellness hotels that also offer complex health therapy services:





One million visitors a year, regular customer rate of 80%, thousands of cured people in Hévíz, this is not a coincidence!

Proof, not promises– effectiveness of the therapies of Hévíz

It has been known for a long time that the water of Lake Hévíz is a remedy for several complaints and many people owe their recovery to the therapies carried out here. The recent researches of Hévíz Spa and St Andrew’s Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases are now also scientifically proven beneficial effects. Several research programmes were carried out in the institute and all of them ended with positive results.

The following research was also presented at an international congress and even published in a well-known European specialist magazine:

Examination of the medical effects of Lake Hévíz in patients with knee joint degenerations

In the course of the research the patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis were divided into two groups. One group bathed in the lake and the other in a pool with heated tap water for 3 weeks, 30 minutes 5 times a week.  The patients did not get any other physiotherapeutic treatments and the doctors carrying out the examinations did not know in which group the patients were. The doctors measuring various parameters before the treatments, after the treatments and 12 weeks after the end of the treatments found that the difference between the two groups were significant. The research has clearly shown that the water of Lake Hévíz reduced the pain of the patients who were suffering from knee joint degenerations, improved their movement functions and thus positively affected the patients’ quality of life both in the short and long term.

You can download the article here.

After the successful international acceptance preparation of further scientific articles is going on about the following researches:

1. Proving the effectiveness of the weight bath therapy in case of low back pain

The aim of the research was to prove the effectiveness of the weight bath, which was introduced by Dr. Moll Károly in 1953, in case of patients suffering from mild or moderate lumbago.

In addition to the parameters showing the movements and the indices of the quality of life the authors placed special emphasis on the data measured by the Spineliner device, which has an objective method to measure the stiffness or flexibility of the joints and muscles. The medical examinations carried out directly after the weight bath therapy and then 3 months after the therapy showed improvement in almost every parameter, demonstrated significant improvement in several parameters proving the positive effects of the treatments.

2. Determining the effects of the healing mud of Hévíz in case of patients suffering from hand arthrosis

The aim of the research was to examine and document the therapeutic and chemical effects of the healing mud of Hévíz in case of patients suffering from mild and moderate hand osteoarthritis. In the course of the research the patients were divided into two groups: the patients in group one were given medicinal mud directly on both of their hands, whereas the patients of the second group got the healing mud on both of their hands through a layer of nylon for 3 weeks, 5 times a week.

Various parameters were tested at the beginning and at the end of the therapy and after 15 weeks. Based on the clinical tests, improvement was observed in patients who received mud treatments.

3. The effect of the complex physiotherapy of Hévíz in case of a specific autoimmune disorder

The ongoing research program carried out together with the University of Pécs examines the effects of the complex physiotherapy of Hévíz in case of patients suffering from a specific autoimmune disorder (systemic sclerosis) affecting their hands.

The aim of the study is to improve the functions of the hands by the help of a 3-week-long complex physiotherapy as well as to determine the short- and long-term effects. On weekdays the patients were given the following treatments: medicinal bath, whirlpool bath, mud treatments, massage, physiotherapy, ergotherapy. At the weekend they got 30 minutes’ bath, went for a walk and relaxed.

In the short term most of the measured parameters have improved and the used treatments have been effective. In the long term the hand function tests have partially shown promising results. The findings of further examinations are expected by autumn 2014.

4. Cardiospa – the experience of the technical testing of the telemetric cardiologic monitoring during balneotherapy in Hévíz

The general objective of the project is to provide a partially automated remote medical monitoring for patients who would stand in need of thermal water because of their underlying disease, but cannot take it because of their contraindications of cardiologic nature. The tests were carried out in 51 volunteer patients who do not suffer from heart diseases and it was found that the measuring instrument was able to give appropriate signals during staying in the thermal water and was well tolerated also by the patients.
In the next phase of the research it is planned to try the instrument out on patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

The above findings motivate the doctors of Hévíz for carrying out further researches, which are hoped to also have positive outcome.

Visit Hévíz and try out the proven medicinal therapies of Hévíz!




Opening hours

Main Entrance &
Festetics Spa Entrance

dr. Schulhof Vilmos promenade and Ady Endre Street

Low season
01. January 2024 - 24.March 2024
07. October 2024 - 30. March 2025
Open: 9:00
Closing of the cashdesk: 16:30
End of bathing time/wellness: 17:00
Closing: 17:30

Early season / Off season
25. March 2024 - 25. May 2024
9. September 2024 - 9. October 2024
Open: 9:00
Closing of the cashdesk: 17:30
End of bathing time/wellness: 18:00
Closing: 18:30

High season
27. May 2024 - 8. September 2024
Open: 8:30
Closing of the cashdesk: 18:00
End of bathing time/wellness: 18:30
Closing: 19:00

Holiday time in December
Closing time on 24.12.2024 is at 14:00; on 31.12.2024 at 16:00. Opening time is at 11:00 on 01.01.2025.

Summer Entrance

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Opernin: 8:30
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Hévíz Lake Bath reserve the right to change the opening hours and prices.

Hévíz Lake Bath Telephone:
+36 30 959 1002


Hévíz Lake Bath and Festetics Bathhouse price list

Valid from 01. April 2023. until withdrawn

3-hour tickets

3-hour ticket 4 500 Ft
3-hour senior ticket / over 60 years old 4 000 Ft
3-hour student ticket / over 14 years old 4 000 Ft
3-hour children ticket / between 6 and 14 years old 2 400 Ft
3-hour group ticket / up to 20 people
4 000 Ft / p

Daily tickets

Daily ticket
7 500 Ft
Daily senior ticket / over 60 years old
7 000 Ft
Daily student ticket
7 000 Ft
Daily children ticket / For children between 6 -14 years of age. Admission for children under 6 is free.
3 600 Ft

Combined family daily tickets

Minimum 3 person, if at least 1 person is a child.

Adult 7 000 Ft / p
Student (over 14)
(over 60)
6 000 Ft / p
Children (between 6-14) 3 600 Ft / p

Additional tickets

+ 1 hour extension (for the 3-hour tickets)
1 800 Ft
+ upgrading to daily ticket (for the 3-hour tickets)
3 600 Ft
+ additional wellness ticket (for all tickets)
3 300 Ft
Time limit fee (For exceeding the time limit, for every 30 minutes started.)
1 000 Ft

Lake Passes

10-hour Lake Pass - Valid on the day of purchase + 15 calendar days.
13 000 Ft
+ 2 000 Ft deposit
20-hour Lake Pass - Valid on the day of purchase + 25 calendar days. 23 000 Ft
+ 2 000 Ft deposit

Other ticket types

Discounted Ticket before Closing (available 2 hours before the end of bathing time)
3 600 Ft
Visitor's Ticket (bathing is not included, max. 30 min)
1 900 Ft + 3 000 Ft deposit
Luggage room (seasonal) 300 Ft / package
Swim-rig rental (daily fee)
700 Ft + 2 000 Ft deposit


Single-day tickets: Usable on the day of purchase only. Entitles the bearer to one-time entry. An additional charge will be levied if the allotted time limit is exceeded. Additional time extension cannot be purchased after the time limit has expired.

Lake passes: Deposits are refundable within 5 days of expiery. Refunds are payable in cash only, each day before the end of bathing time. Passes eintitle the bearer to enter the premises on two occasions per day. Following the bearer's first exit, a 15-minute wait period is required before return entry is permitted. Upon exiting the premises, locker number assignments are automatically cleared, after which we can accept no liability for contents. An additional charge will be levied if the alloted time limit is exceeded.


General information

  • Valid from 09.05.2020 until withdrawal.
  • The depth of the medicinal lake is 2-38 meters.
  • Free use of changing rooms (included in the entrance fee)
  • A sauna sheet is provided free of charge if you buy a ticket that entitles you to the use of the wellness facilities.
  • The services of the wellness area are only available to persons over 12 years of age.
  • Children under 6 years of age are admitted free of charge.
  • The deposit is refundable within 72 hours of expiry.
  • Daily tickets are valid only on the day of purchase.
  • All tickets are valid for one entry a day only.
  • We are not able to refund the price of the purchased tickets.
  • We reserve the right to change prices and opening hours.
  • An ATM is available during the opening hours in the building accessed from the Schulhof Promenade.

You can have more information about our special offers at the cash desks or on our website.
Hévíz Lake Baths phone number: 06 83 30 959 1002











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