Program tips for families

An animal park is always a good choice if the weather is not nice enough for a swim but it's not rainy either. From spring to autumn, when most families visit Hévíz, there are several opportunities to bring children closer to nature

Imre Festetics Animal Park - Gyenesdiás

The animal park, run by Bakonyerdő Zrt, is designed like a wildlife park. You can closely observe the animals typical of the region. Zoo treats can be purchased at the entrance and there is also a petting zoo. The park is not very large, it provides about 1-2 hours of entertainment. On the premises, there is a snack bar, toilets, a playground, the parking is free and shaded. It is open every day of the week, the easiest way to get there is via Gyenesdiás. Look for Dornyai Street, where you will pass the child-friendly House of Nature on the way to the zoo. Would you like to read more? Click here.

Africa Museum - Balatonederics

In 1984, at the age of 71, Dr Endre Nagy, the famous Africa-hunter, moved back home to the family mansion in Balatonederics and brought with him a significant part of his hunting and ethnographic collection. He set up a museum with an African atmosphere in his home. After his death, the family continued the tradition, and today you can still see the relics of his extraordinary life's work, and the wonderful park is also home to animals. You can also find a snack bar, toilets, and a playground. Parking is available in the park of the mansion. It is located on road 71, on the outskirts of Balatongyörök heading towards Balatonederics. Would you like to read more? Click here.

Buffalo reserve - Kápolnapuszta

Hungary's largest herd of buffalo that can be visited. It includes a picnic area, an exhibition centre and a narrated walkway await families visiting the buffalo reserve in Kápolnapuszta in the Balaton-Uplands National Park. The reserve also has a walking trail next to the buffalos, a petting zoo, a playground and, of course, toilets and a snack bar in the reception building. Parking is also available. It can be reached via an access road from the main road between Balatonmagyaród and Zalakomár, close to Kis-Balaton. Would you like to read more? Click here.


The Castle of Balaton - Szigliget 

Szigliget Castle is situated above the bay of Keszthely, it is easily accessible from the village by a well-maintained footpath. Although the section under the castle is a steep climb, it is worth walking along the old cobblestones. The castle was reopened at the end of June 2020 after repeated renovation works. Small knights’ tournaments and falconry displays are often held within the walls, and the highest point offers a fantastic panorama. The castle has toilets and a snack bar, but it is worth stopping by for refreshing ice cream in the ice-cream parlour below the castle. Parking is available in several locations.

Castle of Sümeg: knights’ tournament and feasts

Castle Sümeg is not only an unforgettable experience as you can take part in interactive activities. The park at the foot of the castle hill offers a playground and jousting events to visitors. The tournaments are also held in bad weather, thanks to a large jousting arena established in the cellar, which is also the venue for the evening medieval feasts. There are also toilets, snack bars, a restaurant and souvenir shops both in the castle and the park.

Castle ruins with magnificent panorama

Castle of Rezi, Castle of Tátika, Csobánc On the top of volcanic peaks once stood a row of Balaton castles, nowadays only charming castle ruins await the visitors. All three hills have well-maintained and well-marked hiking trails with resting areas. The castle ruins are open to visitors but there is no entrance fee. The hikes can even be completed with small children through the forests. Parking is available at the foot of the hills, but do not look for a car park, snack bar or toilets. It is advisable to come prepared with a backpack

Keszthely castle garden

The ruins of the smallest former castle of the area can be found in a charming little castle garden in the centre of Keszthely. It is located next to the Our Lady of Hungary Parish Church in the main square of Keszthely. Today the castle garden has a cosy playground and a park. It is a nice place to relax during a stroll through the town centre.

Historic Model Railway Exhibition - Keszthely, Helikon Palace Museum

Who is not fond of little trains? The entire attic of the Hunting Museum - part of the Helikon Palace - is a huge model railway layout with dimensions unique in Europe. On the model railway layout, 75 different locomotives pull the carriages on more than 2.7 km of track between 1,800 buildings. The layout is a fun experience both for children and adults and will keep the lovers of trains busy for hours. You can take the lift up to the attic, but it is worth climbing the stairs to the top, as there's a good chance you'll be tempted to see the fantastic exhibits in the Hunting Museum. The museum park has a playground, a children's train that runs from spring to autumn, and of course, there are toilets in the building. The museum is located in Pál Street and has a parking lot. A combined ticket for the exhibitions of the Helikon Palace Museum is also available, which allows you to visit several exhibitions. The Carriage Museum in the park of the Festetics Palace is also recommended for families

Balaton Museum - Keszthely

At the Balaton Museum, you can learn about the history of Lake Balaton, its flora and fauna, the past and present of bathing and sailing through a family-friendly, interactive exhibition. Don't be put off by the building's magnificent neoclassical walls, inside you'll find a welcoming and child-friendly exhibition space.

Star Castle - Balatonszentgyörgy

The name is a little misleading. Accessible via Balatonszentgyörgy, the former Festetics hunting lodge now houses a wax-works exhibition of the old life. The small castle can be easily and quickly toured, and its park is home to a petting zoo and periodic interactive shows, archery and falconry displays.



Beach on the shores of Lake Hévíz

Lake Hévíz is primarily a medicinal lake, where swimming is not recommended for children but in order to meet the needs of all guests, on the shore of the lake, a normal, heated pool with several depths and fun elements has been established. Shade sails have also been set up to protect against the strong sun.

Large beaches with lots of play facilities and activities at the western tip of Lake Balaton

Keszthely Municipal Beach is located in the bay of Keszthely next to the pier. Its attractions include the Balaton-shaped swimming pool and the very picturesque Island Baths, reminiscent of the Happy Peacetimes. Concerts of popular music are held on the beach in summer evenings.

The Diás Play Beach in Gyenesdiás wins the title of the best child-friendly beach around Lake Balaton every year. The beach, rich in adventure elements and programme opportunities, is the most popular beach for families with children at Lake Balaton.

The popularity of the Lido Beach in Vonyarcvashegy has been continuing for many decades. The most special feature of the long and shady beach is the water-skiing track, which is very popular with young people.

Balatongyörök beach

The 120-metre-long sandy beach is a paradise for kids fond of building sandcastles. The beach area not only has a giant water slide but also a wide range of water vehicles for hire. In 2018, it won the Greenest Beach of Lake Balaton award.

Smaller family-friendly, quiet beaches

For those who don't mind that the beach experience is not complemented by animation programmes, special slides, fun elements, age-specific playgrounds and a large selection of buffets, the Libás Beach in Keszthely and the Lido Beach in Gyenesdiás are the ideal choices.

Dog Beach in Keszthely

If you would like to go to the beach with your pet, you can choose Keszthely Dog Beach. Here you can enjoy the summer beach experience in a dog-friendly environment.

If you are looking for a place in Hévíz where your dog can also have a splash, we recommend the Hévíz Stream. You can even combine dog swimming with an easy evening walk. In the stream, your dog can also experience the pleasantly refreshing thermal water.

Water Parks of Kehida and Zalakaros

For those who would like to visit an adventure bath during their holiday, we recommend the Kehida Thermal Spa and Adventure Bath or the Zalakaros Bath. Both baths have outdoor and indoor pools, hot and thermal pools, swimming pools and a slide park.

Cycling trips on safe cycle paths from Hévíz to Kis-Balaton and Lake Balaton. Easy hikes to the lookout points of the Keszthely Hills. Pleasure boats, pirate boats in the Keszthely Bay on Lake Balaton. Playgrounds, Boating in the Tapolca lake cave. Balatonfenyves narrow-gauge railway. Throwing pottery in the J&A Pottery House. Adventure-friendly canoe trips on Lake Balaton.

There can be a huge difference between adventure parks. There are several adventure parks to choose from near Hévíz.

Bob Fun Park - Alsópáhok

The adrenaline arena in Alsópáhok is an active recreation for the whole family. Built indoor adventure courses, climbing walls, trampolines and other facilities guarantee an unforgettable experience for all ages, whether it's a rainy afternoon, a team-building session or a birthday party.

Tavirózsa Adventure Park - Keszthely-Kertváros

The Tavirózsa Adventure Park is located between Hévíz and Keszthely in a nursery garden, so a beautiful environment surrounded by flowers is guaranteed. The park offers classic rope courses for families, from the easy ones to the more difficult ones located higher up. You can also play mini-golf here. There is also a snack bar, toilets and parking facilities.

Rezi Dino and Adventure Park - Rezi 

If you are a stranger without any local knowledge, you can be surprised when arriving in Rezi, your toddlers shout from the back seat: Watch out, a dinosaur!!! And indeed! A dinosaur head pops out of the tall trees, and sometimes it even moves and makes a sound. In addition to classic rope courses, the Rezi Dinosaur and Adventure Park offers a variety of games, individual and family experiences. You can make the dinosaurs move, and you can even take a mini-train around the trees. But there's also a giant trampoline, bumper boats, rodeo and dry surfing. Parking is free of charge next to the park, and there is a snack bar and toilets in the park.

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