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Hévíz Lake Bath and Festetics Bathhouse opening hours and price list

The Hévíz Spa and St. Andrew's Hospital for Rheumatology reserve the right to change the opening hours and prices.
Hévíz Lake Baths phone number: 06 83 342 830


Dear Guests,


According to the current Hungarian laws, vaccines or PCR Tests are not required to visit the Lake. Masks are compulsory to wear indoors (by the entrance, in the clothing rooms etc.)

Thank you for your understanding, hope to see you soon!


There are several pools in the are of the Lake Bath

Name of the pool Water surface (m2) Temperature (°C) Depth (cm)
Indoor pools 4 pcs. 520 24-38 (depending on the season) 200-300

 - one of it with massage elements

260 24-38 (depending on the season) 200-300

 - one of it with weight bath

20 24-38 (depending on the season) 150
Children's pool on the coast (in summertime) 95 / 32 30-32 30-120


Opening hours


As of right now only the following entrances are open: Festetics Spa, Schulhof Vilmos Promenade (main entrance)

  Open Closing of the cash-desk End of bathing time
End of wellness
Season "A" 
05.30.2022. - 04.09.2022.
8.30 am 6 pm 6.30 pm 6.30 pm 7 pm
Season "B"
03.28.2022. - 29.05.2022.;

05.09.2022. - 09.10.2022.
9 am 5.30 pm 6 pm 6 pm 6.30 pm
Season "C" 
01.01.2022. - 27.03.2022.

10.10.2022. - 26.03.2022.
9 am 4.30 pm 5 pm

5 pm

5.30 pm


The Bath is open every day, all year around. The Bath closes on 24.12.2022 at 2 pm,  and on 31.12.2022 at 2 pm. The Bath opens at 11 am on 01.01.2023.




Type of ticket Lake Wellness Maximum duration Available Price (HUF)
Nympha - 2 hours 2 hours before closing 2 800,-
Lotus 3 hours 3 hours before closing 4 200,-
Family ticket
(Per adult, child./pers. under 14 years
child./pers. over 14 years with student card)
- 3+2 hours During opening hours 3 500,- +children
1 900,-
2 900,-
3 500,-


Name Lake Wellness Price (HUF)
Lake ticket (3 hours)   3 500,-
Lake ticket (4 hours)   4 300,-
Daily ticket   6 000,-
1-hour complimentary ticket (To the valid ticket, except Lake-passes)   + 1 300,-
Wellness-Saunaworld complementary ticket (To the valid Lake ticket) - + 2 300,-
Hot & Cold (2 hours) 3 700,-
Relax (4 hours) 5 500,-
Senior ticket over 60 years (3 hours) – With preliminary presentation of ID card - 3 000,-
Children ticket (3 hours), between 6-14 years - 1 900,-
Student ticket (3 hours), with student card - 2 900,-
Visitor’s ticket (30 min.) * -

1 500,-
Deposit fee: + 2 000,- **

Group ticket over 20 people/person (3 hours) - 3 300,-
Exit fee (In case exceeding the time limit) - - 30,- /min.
Cabin (To the valid ticket) - - 1 000,-
Sauna towel - - 500,-
Lake-pass (10 hours) - 11 000,-
Deposit fee: + 2 000,- **
Lake-pass (20 hours) - 20 000,-
Deposit fee: + 2 000,- **


Validity of passes:
10-hour pass: valid for 10 calendar days from the day of purchase for two entries a day.
20-hour pass: valid for 20 calendar days from the day of purchase for two entries a day.
* Please note that a visitor's ticket does not entitle the holder to bathe. The deposit of HUF 2,000 is non-refundable in the event of overstay. Thank you for your understanding.
** The deposit can only be paid in cash.

  • Valid from 09.05.2020 until withdrawal.
  • The depth of the medicinal lake is 2-38 meters.
  • Free use of changing rooms (included in the entrance fee)
  • A sauna sheet is provided free of charge if you buy a ticket that entitles you to the use of the wellness facilities.
  • The services of the wellness area are only available to persons over 12 years of age.
  • Children under 6 years of age are admitted free of charge.
  • The deposit is refundable within 72 hours of expiry.
  • Daily tickets are valid only on the day of purchase.
  • All tickets are valid for one entry a day only.
  • We are not able to refund the price of the purchased tickets.
  • We reserve the right to change prices and opening hours.
  • An ATM is available during the opening hours in the building accessed from the Schulhof Promenade.

You can have more information about our special offers at the cash desks or on our website.
Hévíz Lake Baths phone number: 06 83 342 830


The Tourinform Office is the information base for visitors arriving in Hévíz. Do you have a question, or are you interested in programmes or events? Or would you like to rent a bike or go on a sightseeing tour? We're here to help.

The Tourinform Office of Hévíz is located in the pedestrian street (Rákóczi utca), so it is easily accessible for pedestrians and motorists. In the office, you will find a wide range of information and promotional material (brochures, invitational brochures, calendar of events, accommodation catalogue, etc.).

Our services

  • mountain and city bike rental, children's bicycles and mountable child carriers, e-bike and e-roller rental
  • guided sightseeing tours,
  • HeBi community bike service application point,
  • tickets (for permanent and temporary events, concerts),
  • registration for organised programs (bike tours, canoe trips, segway tours)
  • souvenirs
  • registration for hot air balloon rides
  • free information materials, brochures about Hévíz and the surrounding area
  • bus, train and boat timetables
  • photocopying, printing, scanning
  • luggage storage
  • free book exchange point (bring a book, take a book)


Opening hours and contact information

From 15th May to 30th September:
From Monday to Sunday: 9 am to 7 pm

From 1st October to 14th May:
From Monday to Sunday: 9 am to 5 pm

8380 Hévíz, Rákóczi u. 2.
Tel.: +36 83 540 131
GPS: 46° 47' 25.857"" N, 17° 11' 19.3848"" E


How to get to Hévíz

By car, motorway M7 is a convenient and fast route from Budapest. Hévíz can be reached from the capital in 2 hours. But if you want to do some sightseeing on the way, you can turn off the motorway and follow main road 71 along the northern shore of Lake Balaton. From Győr and Sopron, main road 84 is the quickest option, and from Pécs, take main road 66 to the southern shore of Lake Balaton. There are direct scheduled bus services to Hévíz from most rural towns and Budapest. By train you can get to the station in Keszthely, from there it is another fifteen minutes by bus to Hévíz. As the bus station is located right next to the train station in Keszthely, you can easily change to a bus.

Are you travelling by plane?

Fly Balaton Airport's current timetable is available here, and if you need transfers from Sármellék, Budapest or Vienna airports, please contact our colleagues at the Tourinform Office.

Parking zones and parking fees

In Hévíz, parking fees are payable every day between 8.00 and 18.00.

The parking permit, parking slip, disabled badge and parking clock must be placed in the vehicle behind the front windscreen in a way that it can be clearly visible from the outside so that the parking inspector can verify its validity. Failing to do so shall result in the payment of a surcharge.

Parking zones:

Zone 1 (RED) - HUF 400/hour
Great Parking Lot,
Petőfi S. Street,
Small car park in Ady E. Street

Zone 2 (YELLOW) - HUF 300/hour
Honvéd Street,
Park Street,
József Attila Street,
Parking lot at the water tower in Széchenyi Street
1 Zrínyi Street,
Between the post office and the beginning of Kossuth Street from Széchenyi Street

Free parking is provided in József Attila Street in the parking spaces in front of the health centre (between Honvéd Street and Rózsa Lane) for an hour a day upon registration of the vehicle registration number.



Great Parking Lot, Parking Lot at the Water Tower

  1. barrier – records the license plate number (check by the screens whether the correct number shows up or not)
  2. parking
  3. payment (cash, credit card, application, SMS)
  4. you have 10 minutes to leave the parking lot
  5. if you just want to drive through the parking lot, you have 15 minutes to that. If you don’t leave the parking lot in 15 minutes, you need to pay for the time you spent in the parking lot

At the barriers, you have to pass one by one to read the license plate.




More information on parking:

Parking Office
8380 Hévíz, Kossuth L. u. 1.
Tel.: +36/30-463-69-97

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 8.00-12.00 and 12.30-15.45
Saturday: 8.00-11.45
Sunday: Closed

Bus and coach services

All regular bus services to Hévíz are served by the Hévíz bus station, which is currently located behind the Large Car park Square and the Market Square. The new bus station is located approximately 500 metres from the northern entrance to the Lake Baths. Keszthely, the most frequently visited nearby town, is easily accessible from Hévíz by buses departing from the bus station almost every 15 minutes on weekdays during the summer.

The size of the town does not justify the use of a separate local bus service, so the various long-distance services serve some of the town's stops. There is a taxi rank next to the bus station, which is available to passengers continuously.

HeBi (HévízBike) - community bicycle system

In operation again from Spring 2022

HeBi is a community bike system that is available at a special rate within the town. A total of thirty bicycles are available for cycling at four docks located in the town's most popular locations.

You can get a HeBi card, top up your balance and hand in your card at the Hévíz Tourinform Office during opening hours.

Contact details of the Hévíz Tourinform Office: Hévízi, Rákóczi utca 2. | +36 83 540 131 |

Sightseeing train: the Dotto

The sightseeing train, which runs on rubber wheels, operates from April to October. In addition to the route through the streets and attractions of the town centre, passengers will also be taken to the popular entertainment area of Hévíz, the Egregy wine route. Prices: Adult ticket: HUF 1,000/adult, children ticket: HUF 500/child

Dotto train timetable: out of service - coming soon!

Electric sightseeing bus: E-GO

Prices: HUF 1,000 Ft/person, 5-10 years of age: HUF 500
Cancellation of services can occur. The times are only given for information.
More information about E-Go: +36 30 266 1135

Everyone in the town strives to ensure that even guests with limited mobility can enjoy their stay without any disruption and can use the services comfortably.

In the list below you can find wheelchair-accessible attractions, baths, restaurants, hotels and public services.

Medicinal and wellness baths

  • Hévíz Lake Baths (Lake Bath, Indoor Baths, Festetics Bathhouse) - entrances, changing rooms, toilets, pool lifts at two points of the baths
  • NaturMed Hotel Carbona****superior - bathing area accessible by lift, and there is also a pool lift
  • Ensana Thermal Hévíz Health Spa Hotel****superior - bathing area with lift access, pool lift, toilets


  • Church of the Holy Spirit (Blue Church) - Széchenyi u. 38.
  • Reformed-Evangelical Church - Helikon u. 6.
  • Church of the Heart of Jesus - Zrínyi Miklós u.
  • Dr Schulhof Vilmos Promenade
  • Cherub sculptures - Entrance to the Lake Baths
  • Protective forest
  • Drinking fountains - Indoor Spa and the building of the Rózsakert Restaurant from Erzsébet királyné útja
  • Fontana Cinema - 9 Rákóczi Street
  • Hévíz Farmers’ Market - behind the Large Car Park
  • Event venues: Sports Hall, Deák Square, Festetics Square



Wheelchair-accessible restaurants and cafés that are suitable for disabled people and have toilets for disabled people. The hotel restaurants listed here are also open to non-hotel guests.

  • Rózsakert Restaurant - Rákóczi u.17.
  • Brix Bistro - Rákóczi u. 16-18.
  • AzÉn Anyósom - Alsópáhok, Hévízi u. 13.
  • The restaurant of Ensana Thermal Hévíz Healt Spa Hotel****superior - Kossuth L. u. 9-11.
  • The restaurant of NaturMed Hotel Carbona****superior - Attila u. 1.



Rooms for people with disabilities, corridors, public spaces without stairs

  • Lotus Therme Hotel & Spa***** - Lótuszvirág u. 1.
  • BonVital Wellness és Gastro Hotel****superior - Rákóczi u. 16-18.
  • Ensana Thermal Hévíz Health Spa Hotel****superior - Kossuth L. u. 9-11.
  • Hotel Európa fit****superior - Jókai u. 3.
  • Kolping Hotel**** Spa & Family Resort - Alsópáhok, Fő u. 120.
  • NaturMed Hotel Carbona****superior - Attila u. 1.
  • Ensana Thermal Aqua Health Spa Hotel**** Kossuth L. u. 13-15.
  • Hotel Spa Hévíz****/*** - Dr. Schulhof Vilmos sétány 1.


Public services

  • Tourinform Office - Rákóczi u. 2.
  • Post office - Kossuth L. u. 4.
  • OTP Bank - Erzsébet királyné útja 11.
  • Zala Takarékszövetkezet (Cooperative bank) - Széchenyi u. 66.
  • BENU Pharmacy - Kossuth u. 5.
  • Balzsam Pharmacy - Vörösmarty u. 14.
  • Hévíz Spa Pharmacy - Dr. Schulhof Vilmos sétány 1.
  • Public toilets: behind the Holy Spirit Church (Széchenyi u. 38.) and at the Egregy Museum (Zrínyi u. 130.)

Telephone numbers of public interest

Emergency phone: 112
Ambulance: 104
Fire brigade: 105
Police: 107

Hévíz Police Station: daily from 6.00 to 18.00 (Hévíz, Erzsébet királyné utca 5.)
Tel.: + 36 83 342 860, outside opening hours: 107

Hévíz Volunteer Fire Brigade: +36 30 272 0007
Hévíz Civil Guard Association for Public Safety: +36 30 570 0309
Post office: Hévíz, Kossuth Lajos utca 4.


Tavirózsa Pharmacy
Hévíz, Kossuth út 5.
Tel.: +36 83 343 421; 540 023; 540 024
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 8 am -6 pm
Saturday: 8 am -12 am
Sunday service: 8 am -12 am

Balzsam Pharmacy
Hévíz, Vörösmarty u. 14.
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 8 am - 6 pm
Saturday: 8 am - 1 pm

Pharmacy in the Hospital
Hévíz, Dr. Schulhof Vilmos sétány 1.
Tel.: 06 83/501 700/ 230
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 8 am - 12 pm and 1 pm– 3 pm
Saturday: 8 am - 12 am


  • OTP: Erzsébet királyné utca 11.
  • OTP: Ensana Thermal main entrance: Kossuth u. 9-11.
  • OTP: Hévíz Town Mayor's Office: Kossuth u. 1.
  • K&H Bank: Rákóczi u. 13/15.










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