Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions, privacy policy, payment and delivery information

Before the purchase, please read the terms and conditions as well as the delivery information

  1. Registration
    You do not need to register to be able to purchase in the heviz.hu webshop. It is enough to give your email address, phone number, full name and mailing address. If you register you have to fill in a registration form and at the same time enter a password. After that you can sign in to the webshop with your name and the password given here. Enter an active email address, please.
    You can cancel your registration any time by sending an email to the information service to the address office@hevizmarketing.hu. The heviz.hu manages the data provided during the registration in accordance with the prevailing Hungarian law.

  2. Process of purchase
    You can choose the wanted products in our online webshop by putting the products into the cart. During the process of purchase, you can choose the best delivery and payment method for you. You do not need to register on shopping, it is enough to enter your email address and phone number, where we will be able to send the confirmation later to.
    When you placed all the products into your cart, you can specify the billing and shipping information by clicking on the checkout button. By entering your information you also accept the below-listed terms and conditions of purchase and payment.
    The prices in the webshop are gross, per item and in HUF, they include VAT (5% for books and 27% for the other products) defined in Hungarian law. The prices shown in foreign currency are referential, the payment happens according to the current MNB exchange rate in HUF in every case.

  3. Privacy Policy
    The Tourism Non-profit Ltd. of Hévíz uses every transactional data generated and received during credit card payment transactions, such as the name of the cardholder or customer, exclusively for carrying out transactions authorized by the cardholder.  The data are managed, stored and used in regard to statutory requirements, such as the Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information ("Privacy Act") and the provisions on banking secrecy of the Act CXII of 1996 on Credit Institutions and Financial Enterprises.

  4. Cancellation, product take-back
    The customer has the right to cancel the purchase within 12 hours after the order. In this case the customer is not required to pay due to the cancellation. The cancellation can be announced to the customer service via email.
    The customer may cancel the purchase without giving a reason within 8 working days after the receipt of the order as per the section 4 and 5 of Edict 17/1999. (II.5.) on Contracts Signed Between Distant Parties. The seller may claim compensation for the damage resulted from improper use. The buyer is not entitled to exercise his right of withdrawal if the package is unsealed!
    The buyer shall bear the costs incurred in connection with the return of goods on account of exercising the right of withdrawal. If the buyer cancels the order, the heviz.hu webshop will immediately or at latest within 30 days refund the equivalent of the goods. The heviz.hu webshop will refund the purchase price only if the returned goods have complete packaging and no damage.
    A heviz.hu webshop only deals with selling new products. The purchase price shown in the product description applies to one piece of the product, it is specified in HUF and includes the prevailing VAT. We reserve the right to change the description, the pictorial representation and the pricing of the products.
    We do not bear the responsibility of any accidental errors and erratum occurred during the upload of the site. In case of discounted priced products the special price is only valid until the stocks last.
    If the received item is faulty, or got damaged during delivery, it will be replaced free of charge. If it is not possible for any reason, we will refund the purchase price. Exchange of any products is only possible if the products have the original package and the accompanying documents.  The seller has additional responsibility for warranty and guarantee as per the Civil Code and the Edict 117/1991. (IX.10.).

  5. Terms of payment
    The heviz.hu webshop offers the following payment options.

    Personal payment - See Personal collection.

    Bank transfer
    After the confirmation of orders, we issue an invoice, the amount of which shall be transferred into our bank account. Upon receiving the price of the order, we send the original invoice with the ordered goods to the buyer. The parcel postage fee is added to the total amount of the invoice. You can see the fee in the calculator after placing the product into the cart. The total amount based on our confirmation letter and invoice can be transferred to the following bank account number.
    Name: Hévízi Turisztikai Nonprofit Kft. (Tourism Non-profit Ltd. of Hévíz)
    Bank account number: 10400975 - 50526580 - 85751010
    Tax number: 23141823-2-20
    Address: 2 Rákóczi Street H-8380 Hévíz,
    Bank name: Kereskedelmi és Hitelbank (K&H Bank)
    IBAN: HU40
    Bank address: 16 Rákóczi Street H-8380 Hévíz

    Online credit card payment
    For our online store, SimplePay, an online payment system accepting credit cards, ensures the card acceptance through a secure SSL-enabled system. When you pay by credit card you will be redirected to the payment page of SimplePay, so payment will be made directly on SimplePay's site, operating in accordance with the rules and safety standards of international card companies, and not on the webshop. The online store does not possess any data, number or expiration date of your card or the account behind it, and cannot gain access to it.
    To pay by credit card you will need the following data:
    • Credit card number (13 to 19 digits on the front of the card, embossed or printed.)
    • Expiration date (a number in the format of mm/yy, embossed or printed on the front of the card)
    • Card validation code (The last three digits of the serial number on the signature panel of the card [CVV2 or CVC2]. If your card does not contain such a code, please leave this field blank when paying online.)

    In our online store you can pay with the following card types:
    • Visa® (embossed)
    • MasterCard® (embossed)
    • American Express® (embossed)
    • Electronic (not embossed). For these cards, the issuing bank determines whether it allows the card to be used on the Internet. If your bank issuing your Electron card has authorized the use of the card on the Internet, you can, of course, pay by your card in our online store. For more detailed information, please contact the bank that issued your card.
    • For Maestro and Visa Electron cards, the issuing bank determines the use of the card on the Internet. If it is authorized by the issuing bank, our system will be able to accept it.

    To further enhance the security of online card acceptance, SimplePay introduced the service Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code (VbV / MSC). The essence of the service is that the bank issuing the card provides the cardholder with an additional identification opportunity, which is checked during the transaction and clearly identifies the person using the card.

    If the VbV / MSC service is not available at the bank that issued your card or you did not request it, the payment process will not change. The webshop will redirect you to the SimplePay page where you will provide your card details (card number, expiration date, validation code) and the payment for the purchased goods/services will occur.
    If your bank has the VbV / MSC service and you use it, the payment transaction process will change. You also have to provide your card details (card number, expiration date, validation code) on the SimplePay payment interface. However, the bank will then automatically redirect you to the appropriate page of the bank issuing your card, where you have to perform the identification process. After successful identification, the payment transaction will continue, you will be notified about the success of the transaction and will be redirected to the webshop. If the authentication cannot be performed, the transaction is unsuccessful. More information on payment terms: https://simplepay.hu/vasarloknak 

  6. Conditions of delivery
    Personal collection
    It is possible to personally collect the order after the confirmation at our office headquarters 2 Rákóczi Street 8380 Hévíz, usually on working days between 9 am and 5 pm.
    Before the personal collection, please inform us about your arrival by calling the phone number 06-83 540 131.

    Parcel delivery

    Our products are sent in every case by Magyar Posta Zrt, cash on delivery.
    Delivery time: after receiving the amount of money we send the goods within 3-5 days.

    Delivery costs
    The delivery cost is calculated based on the weight of the products. The delivery fee is calculated based on the total weight of the ordered products. The delivery costs must be paid by the buyer.  The delivery costs must be paid on postal delivery. The costs are calculated based on the current tariffs of Magyar Posta Zrt. You can see the table of charges here.
    The Magyar Posta Zrt is our partner in delivery.

  7. Customer service
    Service provider
    Name: Hévízi Turisztikai Nonproft Kft. (Tourism Non-profit Ltd. of Hévíz)
    Email: heviz@tourinform.hu
    Phone: +36 83 540 131, +36 30 871 3075

Name of the person authorized to represent: Tamás Pálffy, director
Address: 2 Rákóczi Street H-8380 Hévíz,
Business registration number: 20-09-071334
Tax number: 23141823-2-20
Bank account number: K&H Bank 10400975 - 50526580 - 85751010
Mailing address: 2 Rákóczi Street H-8380 Hévíz