Programmes for all the four seasons

Why spring? Because spring is about renewal, beauty, health, and life itself. Because the grass is greener, the weather is warmer, the evenings are longer and the water of Lake Hévíz is getting hotter and hotter every day. Spring is the joy of life, the season of birth and rebirth of the town, the season of the Happy Peacetimes Festival, the celebration of mothers, women, children and faith. The hiking boots, bicycles, e-bikes, scooters are taken out again. With renewed energy, you get out in nature and can’t have enough of the smell of freshly cut grass. You enjoy the first rays of the sun and have the incredible experience of swimming on the shores of a hot-water lake, even in April. What to do here? Bathe in the 30°C thermal lake before the summer beach season, recharge your batteries in nature, either during an easy hike or a bike ride. Climb to the castle ruins, the lookout towers and enjoy the magnificent view of Lake Balaton, Kis-Balaton, or even in the mating dance of waterfowl. Or pamper yourself in the spa, recharge your batteries, exercise, change your lifestyle, go on a diet, treat your skin or relieve the aches and pains in your stiff limbs with the help of skilled hands because it has been a long winter. Take advantage of every long weekend to get away from the routine of everyday life.

Why summer? Because in summer the area is full of life, fun and programmes. Everybody goes to the pools or the beach at the lake in Hévíz or to the best beaches of Lake Balaton /Keszthely, Gyenesdiás, Vonyarcvashegy, Balatongyörök/, or, in the case of bad weather, to the adventure baths of the area /Kehidakustány, Zalakaros/. Because festivals in the villages, knights’ tournaments in the castles and summer theatre plays in the park of the palace offer you unforgettable experiences almost every day. This is the time of beer, wine and gastro festivals, running and cycling races, music and dance festivals. And anyway, as the song goes: "The sun is shining, don't be sad....” What to do here? Enjoy the summer and your holiday, discover the best places in Hévíz and the surrounding area. It's the time of active relaxation, festival atmosphere, fun, children's laughter and clinking of glasses in the evening. Come and join in the fun and indulge in a variety of adventures. You won't be bored, however, you can decide to relax in the very pleasant, hot water of Lake Hévíz all day.

Why autumn? Because autumn is full of the vibes of summer, of the sun under your skin, of wonderful flavours, smells and colours. It is also full of the praise of wine, grapes, pumpkins, roast goose. Every warm day of autumn is a gift, a closure and a preparation. Autumn is quality, desire, and sensuality. Autumn brings time and attention. It encourages you to enjoy every moment while you can, but slowly, with pleasure because it quickly slips away. What else could it be about but gastronomy, the harmony of flavours, scents and colours, Variations on WINE wine dinners and Martin's Day, about introspection, caring. What should you do here? Enjoy the beach season that lasts until October here when the water of Lake Hévíz still retains the warmth of summer. Enjoy the culinary events of autumn and early evening concerts of popular music on a cosy terrace or at the Egregy wine hill. Take one last boat ride in the sunset on Lake Balaton, run, jog, walk, cycle along the promenades rustling with falling leaves. Recuperate, relax, slow down, be a little selfish and take care of yourself.

Why winter? Because winter is full of lights, flavours, atmospheres, intimacy. And also with Advent markets, Christmas concerts and, of course, New Year's Eve street parties. Winter is wonderful, especially when it's white. When you canoe in the snowfall on the steaming Hévíz stream, when the frozen Balaton becomes a seemingly endless skating rink, when you swim in the steaming Hévíz Lake while everything around you is frosty and white. The winter is full of warmth: sit in the thermal waters of the pool, enjoy a sauna session, have a hot Christmas drink between your hands. And winter is also full of romance, days spent together, silence and love. And if you stay until the end of winter, it's full of fun and happiness too, when we get bored of it and drive it away at the carnival. What should you do here? Enjoy the peace, the lights, the delicious flavours. Indulge yourself and your partner with massages, relax in the sauna sessions, unwind with the power of steam. Take a swim in the Hévíz steam in winter, because you can't do it in summer, and go to the cinema in the evening instead of watching TV. Take part in gastronomic events, but don't miss the magnificent view of Lake Balaton in winter from the highest tower of Szigliget Castle. Winter is all about you. It's about you and your loved one. Surprise her/him.