Drinking cure

Thermal water, not only externally

Among the different therapy treatments offered in Hévíz, drinking cure received significantly less attention than its beneficial effects would deserve it. However, the official effects of the drinking therapy using the thermal water of Hévíz can be obviously experienced by those suffering from acute gastro-enteritis and digestive disorders.


Of the use of the sulphuric water of Hévíz as a drinking cure Dr Noémi Gyarmati says: “It can be successfully used for enhancing intestinal activity and the generation of gastric acid, or in the case of acute bowel inflammation, constipation or haemorrhoid. It also reduces biliary disorders, and enhances the healing of upper respiratory tract infections. Thanks to its special content, it can be also used for relieving pain. Furthermore, not as part of a drinking cure, but for rinsing it can be successfully used for treating acute stomatitis.”

Naturally, just like every other thermal water, there are contraindications for using the healing water of Hévíz: the consumption of the sulphuric water must be avoided in the case of

  • acute hepatitis and cholangitis,
  • or increased thyroid function.

Drinking fountains for free use in the city:

in the Rózsakert building (Rákóczi str 17-19.), from the Erzsébet királyé street  (Open: 8  am - 6 pm)

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