Medicinal mud

Medicinal mud

The medicinal mud which thickly covers the lake-bed is also worth mentioning. The unique medicinal mud of Hévíz contains organic and inorganic substances, and reduced sulphides also have special healing effects.


The bed of Lake Hévíz is covered by a 1-7 metre-thick layer of natural, mainly organic medicinal mud, which is dark-grey by colour and soft by texture. The thermal water and medicinal mud were formed in the Pannonic-sea tens of thousands of years ago, and they are suitable for complex physiotherapy treatments, and for the treatment of all kinds of rheumatic and locomotive diseases.

The medicinal mud is applied as mud-pack during the treatments. According to the opinion of specialist doctors, a maximum of six body parts can be wrapped in mud at a time. The main effect of medicinal mud is to keep the hands and body parts warm. The duration of the mud treatment is 20 minutes, after which at least a 30 minute period of relaxation is recommended.

It is recommended for the following diseases:

  • in case of chronic musculoskeletal diseases, it is indicated for both degenerative, atherosclerotic disease forms and inflammatory diseases
  • in case of certain orthopaedic, neurologic, medical and gynaecological diseases

Mud packs can be carried out only on medical advice in Hévíz.

Use the Hévíz mud as cosmetics!

In addition to the traditional “wrapped” mud packs many cosmetic mud packs are also available these days in the beauty market – even those which were made of the Hévíz mud.

The mud formed due to thousands of years of geological and biological processes has high humic acid and organic material content and heat retaining capacity, that is why it has been used in medicine for a long time. However, its cosmetic use is not entirely new. Experiments prove that it also has unique aesthetic effects: empties the excreta, enhances the metabolism of cells, increases the production of collagen, and the minerals inside refill the body. It is excellent for the smoothing of the face, neck and décolleté, and even for body shaping in case of using it as a treatment course. Its regular use enhances the defence mechanism of the immune system.

The products made of mud smoothen and soften the skin. They have a beneficial effect on the renewal of the skin and connective tissue cells, reduce inflammation and the signs of aging, because the thermal effects dilate the capillaries, therefore the nutrients- and oxygen supply increases and as a result, the skin becomes more resistant.   
These cosmetic products are only made of natural ingredients, their essential minerals, vitamins ensure the balanced functioning of the processes among the cells. Already after the first treatment, you can feel the change on your skin – it will have a silky, youthful, fresh and velvety touch. 

Among the products based on mud can be found soaps, mud baths, masks, wraps, creams, facial cleansers, massage creams, body scrubs, balms and body lotions too.

You can get more information about the mud products in our webshop or in the Tourinform Office in Hévíz!

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