Traditional Hévíz Therapy

However, the roots of the bathing cure known today date back to 1795, into the times of Count György Festetics. Thanks to the knowledge, accumulated since then, and to the expertise, hundreds of thousands have regained their health, so the Traditional Hévíz Therapy has become a trademark of the town.

The Traditional Hévíz Therapy is based on the medicinal water of Hévíz, which, due to its rich mineral content, is particularly effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Its effectiveness is proved by recent medical researches as well as thousands of cured guests. Using it as natural medicine – under medical guidelines – can help to mitigate several complaints.

In the course of the Traditional Hévíz Therapy, the original complex Hévíz therapy is carried out on the chosen location in order that you can receive the most effective treatment method.

How does the Traditional Hévíz Therapy begin?
In each case, the setting up of the complex therapy plan is preceded by a medical examination with condition assessment. Based on your personal condition, the specialists determine the therapy elements that build on each other, such as the duration of bathing in the medicinal water, the type and frequency of treatments, on the spot.
The treatments are carried out according to specified rules by qualified personnel and under continuous medical control for the sake of your receiving quality service.

What does the Traditional Hévíz Therapy consist of?
The basic elements of the therapy,
according to the individual treatment plan, may include:

Additional elements of the therapy, according to the individual treatment plan, may include:

Based on the condition assessment, a specialist determines, which of the above mentioned treatments are recommended to relieve your complaints. Each therapy is individually designed making sure that its elements reinforce each other.

The healing treasures of the water are complemented and made complex by the curative power given by the natural environment. The green trees around the lake, the evaporating steam, which spreads out above the lake as a dome, exert their positive impact together.

How long does the Traditional Hévíz Therapy take?
During the Traditional Hévíz Therapy you attend at least 15 treatments from among the above described ones on consecutive days. The duration of the therapy should be 2 weeks in an ideal case.

Not only do the treatments of Hévíz result in momentary improvement, but they also prevent the recurrence of pain for months.

Where is the Traditional Hévíz Therapy available?
A number of service provider offer the Traditional Hévíz Therapy and guarantee the proper application of knowledge and experience acquired over centuries.

The Traditional Hévíz Therapy is available at the following locations:

Take the Traditional Hévíz Therapy and experience the positive effects of the therapeutic factors!

Many people can be thankful for the thermal water located here for their recovery. We asked Dr. Mándó Zsuzsanna, the medical director of Hévíz Spa and Saint Andrew’s Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases about the secret of the lake:

Dr. Mándó ZsuzsannaWhat is so special about the thermal lake?

The spring of the lake, which is rich in minerals, arises from a 38 metres deep cave, where tens of thousands of years old hot and cold karst waters mix with each other.
The discharge of the lake is 410 l/s, so the water is completely changed every three days, the temperature in winter does not drop below 22 degrees Celsius – so outdoor bathing is also possible in winter -, in summer it even reaches 38 degrees Celsius.
Because of its unique environment, the flora and fauna of the lake is very special, the different coloured water lilies planted in the lake are beautiful sights, they even blossom in late autumn.

What kind of complaints can effectively be relieved by this water?

The medicinal water of Hévíz can mainly be used for musculoskeletal diseases, including cases where follow-up treatments are needed after rheumatic, orthopaedic, musculoskeletal operations and injuries, but it is also perfectly suitable for chronic gynaecological and dermatological diseases as a complementary treatment. See the indications here!

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