Treatment with water

In the course of which the physical features of water are used. The effect of the therapy is greatly enhanced by the treatment with medicinal water. It mainly increases the healing of those who suffer from musculoskeletal diseases.

Depending on the position of the body, the immersion into the indifferent-temperature water has many positive physiological effects, such as blood „dilution”, decreasing lung breathing capacity, loosening trunk muscles, movement is easier with reduced body weight due to buoyancy, and water resistance also works as muscle toner.

The hydrostatic pressure of the water plays an important role in hydrotherapeutic methods: it has an effect on veins, skin vessels, it reduces the volume of the chest and the abdominal, influences the mechanism of breathing, improves kidney function, and reduces the circumference of the inflamed joints.

The temperature of water – hot or cold – results in further changes opposite to each other. Vasodilatation occurs in a hot bath, the blood pressure rises and the heart beat accelerates. In a cold-water bath the blood vessels constrict and as a consequence the blood pressure increases, the heart rhythm decreases and the coronary artery constricts.

Hydrotherapeutic treatments, thus treatments carried out with water, include, in addition to the mud and weight bath treatments, which were listed at the basic elements of the Traditional Hévíz Therapy, the following methods:

  • Carbonated bath treatment takes place in a special bath tub. The carbonated water is produced by using the medicinal water of Lake Hévíz. It means a treatment with carbon dioxide “absorbed” by the water, which is suitable for treating patients suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disorders. As a result of the treatment the surface veins expand and blood circulation is restored to normal. It improves the oxygen supply of the cardiac muscle, normalises blood pressure; if applied as a series of treatments the impact is longer-lasting.

Indications / counter-indications:

  • Artery and venous circulation disorders
  • High blood pressure,
  • Micro-circulation skin disorders
  • Vegetative nervous system disorders
  • Osteoporosis, chronic locomotive disorders
  • Rehabilitation after heart attack
  • Coronary stenosis, post-treatment of heart surgeries
  • Four-section galvanic bath is also called hydro galvanic bath. Also two-section galvanic bath is often applied. The treatment takes place in plastic tubs filled with medicinal water. Direct current is led to the bath tub. Galvanic bath is recommended for the treatment of the limbs, by the simultaneous application of medicinal water and galvanic current. It is successfully applied primarily for the residual symptoms of previous nerve pains and inflammations, and secondarily for wear (degenerative) disorders. If it is used as a descending treatment it also has a pain alleviative impact.

Indications / counter-indications:

  • Alleviation of pain affecting multiple joints and body regions:
  • Rheumatoid arthritis, soft tissue rheumatism
  • Limb joint inflammatory and degenerative diseases
  • Neuritis
  • Sudeck atrophia (circulation disorder after limb injuries with local osteoporosis)
  • Aortic stenosis
  • Contrast bath therapy
    The difference between cold and warm water is used for therapeutic purposes. Alternating cold and hot water promotes better circulation to the extremities.
  • Underwater jet massage
    During the underwater jet massage the patient is laid in a medical tub filled with Hévíz healing water, where the temperature of the special tub’s healing water and the mechanic impact of the water jet are jointly applied for the massage therapy. Besides the water jet massage impact also the positive effects of the healing water are enjoyed by patients. The therapy is for individual guests only, and it is tailored according to the complaints of the patient. The therapy is also called “tangentor”, which is a therapeutic treatment based on balneotherapy, hydrotherapy and the mechanic impact of the water jet. The treatment is carried out in a special tub, by using a water jet with adjustable jet power, which can target various parts of the body. The water with a temperature of 34-36ºC is supplied from a pipe and it is targeted manually to various parts of the body. The massage stimulates the blood and lymph circulation and by this also stimulates the metabolism, furthermore contributes to the detoxification of the body. Due to the impact on the lymph system it also boosts the immune system. The therapy releases stress and relaxes the muscles. The vibration of the water penetrates the connective tissue, thus helps the renewal of the skin and restoring its plasticity. It has also got an alleviative effect.


  • release muscular tension,
  • locomotor disorders,
  • after injuries and operations,
  • rheological disorders,
  • nervous system disorders.
  • Hydroxeur bath
    Hydroxeur treatment – or Jacuzzi – is used when due to some reason manual massage cannot be applied or we wish to achieve a different impact. In a special tub the artificially generated air bubbles cause turbulent flow, which massages the entire body surface. The water flow gives a nice sensation to the patient, increases blood circulation and has a stimulating effect through the skin. It has weaker, lighter massaging power than the underwater jet massage. There are no counter-indications for the hydroxeur bath; therefore it can be used without physician supervision. Duration of the treatment: approx. 10 to 20 minutes.

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