Is it sore or stiff?

Is your waist from too much bending or bad posture?
Your shoulders and neck from office work?
your knees, your ankles because you overexerted yourself, because you were injured during sports?
Are your hands and fingers numb because the cervical vertebrae are calcified?


You don't need medicines, you need Hévíz!

Would you be able to rest every inch of your body?
You're not getting old, your body just needs relaxation!

Start with the simplest health therapy: rest, turn off stress, take a walk in the fresh air, bathe in warm medicinal water, eat healthy and sleep deeply. From everything else, be it massage, sauna, physical therapy, mud wraps, light therapy, oxygen therapy, bat bench, cryosauna, spineliner, electrotherapy... you will be much, much better, and the specialists in Hévíz will help you choose what and as much of these as you need your body just needs it.

In Hévíz, not only YOU, but also your body stays young! #goodmood #goodlife



This is how we recommend starting:

spa hotel or wellness hotel with a therapy department consultation with the therapy manager swimming in Lake Hévíz 3-5 types of medical-wellness treatments a lot of sleep healthy food digital detox as much time outdoors as possible