Hévíz break

Sometimes you need a few days in a nice place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Even if you are only staying two nights in Hévíz and want to spend most of your time in bed, by the pool, or in the bar, we can still offer you some activities to spice up your stay. Hévíz is a small town, so you do not have to spend precious time travelling if you would like to explore its charming streets and discover its little delights. What you should not miss during your 3-day stay in Hévíz is a swim in the thermal lake and a massage that every inch of you craves.

Our three days in Hévíz:

Hearty breakfast Farmers’ Market swimming in Lake Hévíz massage walking in the Roman Ruin Garden and to the Árpád era church Festetics Palace cosy late-night dinner with our favourite drink




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