Everything about the massage

Besides bath therapy, the specialist doctors of Hévíz recommend different healing massage as the main elements of traditional therapy treatments for the guests. The healing massage is not a pampering wellness massage. Its healing effects are much more significant than the relaxation feeling provided by an ordinary wellness massage.

Generally, a short, 10-15 minute bath in the thermal water before the massage is beneficial as in this way the soft tissues are relaxed, thus making the massage more efficient, after which the patients feel much better.

Healing massage include

  • Swedish,
  • reflex-zone (segment, connective tissues, periostealis),
  • lymphatic,
  • sport and refreshing massage.

The classical Swedish massage extends to the whole area of the body, and aims to massage the muscles, tendons and joints. It improves the operation of locomotive functions, and relaxes exhausted and painful muscles.

Foot reflex zone massage stimulates reflex points. These points are connected through nervous paths to the reflex centre of the central nervous system.

Furthermore, the massage services also include lymph massage, sport and refreshing massage.

Do you know?

Underwater massage or “tangentor” is a special type of massage. The massage is performed by the intensive water stream, which during the initial period may also be painful. During the “tangentor” treatment, the guests lie in a physiotherapy tank. The intensity of the water stream is applied on the body through a thick tube by the assistant. The vibration of water impregnates the connective tissues, thus enhancing the renewal and flexibility of the skin.

You would better just relax? You can choose in Hévíz from a wide range of wellness massages, and relaxation treatments. Curious? Click here to get more information about them!

Counter-indications of massage:

  • acute inflammatory diseases, e.g. kidney, vein, periostitis or articular rheumatism
  • serious injuries of tendons, ligaments and muscles
  • ruptured disc
  • osteopathy e.g. osteoporosis, bone tuberculosis
  • rheological disturbances, e.g. thrombosis
  • high blood pressure, heart diseases, pacemaker
  • chronic angiectasis (aneurism), severe varicose disorders
  • haemophilia
  • first two days of menstruation
  • fever
  • chronic lung, pleura illnesses, TBC
  • malignant tumours, chemotherapy
  • advanced stage of diabetes
  • chilblain or burns
  • skin-diseases (infection, fungi, inflammation)
  • psychiatric disorders (epilepsy, schizophrenia)
  • condition under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • very weak, pale, deteriorated and old patients

Did you know that,

  • also the anciant Greeks used it to increase the performance the athletes?
  • the Romans, Persians, Japanise, Indians, Egyptians, Chinese used it as a healing methode?
  • the word comes from the Greek „massein” word? It means kneading.
  • a good massage brings the body to a mental level similar to meditation?
  • During the treatment blood circulation and lymphoid circulation are stimulated, pulse rate and blood pressure is changed; metabolism, body temperature and breathing also change, while excretion is intensified and as a result detoxification is increased, furthermore it also has an impact on the nervous system?
  • the swedish massage technique was developed and pioneered by Per Henrik Ling?