Healing lake, heailing water

The effectiveness of the Thermal lake of Hévíz is the combined effect of several healing factors:

  • temperature of the water
  • large amount and streaming
  • gas-content
  • hydrostatic pressure
  • bathing in open air

The most optimal is to bath when the water temperature is between 32-34 °C. This temperature is perceived by human skin as neither cold nor warm, blood vessels shall neither contract, nor expand by its effect, unlike in cold and warm water. This indifferent temperature of the medicinal lake of Hévíz allows that the bathers can stay there for longer periods, without losing or accumulating heat, and this was the chemical and biological traits of the water can exercise their effect for longer periods.


The huge amount of water, always in movement, results in several types of water streams in the lake. The medicinal water bursting up from the source spreads in radial directions in the half-cone shape lake bed, and the water that is cooled down on the surface, descends under the fresher, warmer water vertically, in a cylinder type stream. The water always in movement and the mud particles always in movement exercise higher friction resistance, higher ascensional power of the water bursting up from the deep floating is made easier, so staying in the water requires less physical force than in the case of stagnant water.

The gases present in the lake water – sulphur-hydrogen, carbonic acid - exercise a physical and chemical effect. The mechanical effect of the gas bulls getting attached to the skin has a favourable impact on the functioning of the whole nervous system.  By penetrating through the skin, the gases also have a direct chemical effect, on the other hand, gases that evaporate from the water by mixing with the air above the water, get into the body through inhalation, through the lungs.  Sulphur discharged from the water and from the puddled mud exercise intensive biological effect on various life-functions.

The hydrostatic pressure resulting from the weight of the bathing water has a significance, as due to the water depth, people bathe in the lake in a vertical body position, so water exercises higher pressure on the deeply immersed feet, than on the thorax that is situated higher. This is good for blood circulation, as the pressure of the water presses the body fluids from varicose veins and lymphatic vessels of the lower limbs, pushes them into the blood circulation and into the heart.

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