Hévíz - the only such a place in the world

The thermal lake in Hévíz is a unique one in the world. Its waters rich in mineral elements have medicinal properties, and the hot water source makes it possible to take bath all year long. A visit to Hévíz is not only a wonderful nature, but also priceless moments of relaxation.

Hévíz - the only such a place in the world

Not everybody knows this wonder of the nature. A lake in Hévíz is located just 200 km from Budapest. Is it worth driving by car or buying a cheap flight ticket to visit this place where time goes slowly, and the beauty of nature surprises at every step.  

A miraculous lake

The lake in Hévíz is the biggest biologically active thermal lake in the world in which you can swim. Its surface reaches 4,4 ha and the water temperature oscillates between 24°C in winter and 36°C in summer. These conditions are very favorable for all year long baths as well as for the cultivation of tropical water lilies. They make the reservoir look like the one from a fairy tale. The cleanness of the lake’s water is an asset. 410 liters of hot water stream from the underground source every second, so it is completely replenished every three days.

However, the medicinal properties of the lake are its biggest advantage. They were recognized already by the Romans in the 2 century A.D. One of the legends says that Mother Mary wrung / created a spring in Hévíz by the appealing prayer of a Christian nurse for the health of the Roman emperor, Flavius Theodosius. There is a natural peat at the lake’s bed and the water is rich in mineral elements like calcium, magnesium, sulphur.


Idyllic scenery

Hévíz is a charming health resort, inhabited by 5 000 citizens, located only 6 km from the Balaton lake. It is also one of the most beautifully flowered town in Hungary and in May 2016 it was given an Innovation Award in the category of the Innovative Spa and Health Resort Destination by the European Spas Association. Hévíz has been a well-known health resort for 220 years thanks to the biggest thermal lake in Europe. The number of Polish tourists visiting the city still grows and the standard of the lodging conditions are being constantly improved.


A unique leisure

A visit in Hévíz does not need to be only for healing or preventive reasons. In spring and summer when the flowers blossom, the weather encourages for long walks. The lake is surrounded by the forest of exotic trees, where you can find evergreen bald cypresses. On the other hand the city is full of nice cafes and restaurants offering local specialties and exquisite wines.

Except for the baths in the thermal lake and the traditional therapy, there is a wide offer of spa and wellness services based on the use of the lake’s water available at the high standard hotels. There are saunas, relaxation massages, beauty treatments, as well as healthy and delicious cuisine is served.

For many visitors a stay in Hévíz is a motivation for starting a balanced and healthy way of living. An optimal treatment time is 15 days, however if it not possible it is worth relaxing for a shorter time, too.


Other attractions

Hévíz and its surroundings are a perfect place for the fans of cycling tours. Local tourist trails lead to ruins of the beautiful castles, as well as to the shore of the Balaton Lake. There are also many offers of the active stay in the region, and the calendar is full of different cultural events in the city throughout all year.