Wellness ABC - what does it mean? Letter B - F

Letter „B – F” Balneotherapy, Caldarium, Chinese massage, Cleopatra-bath, Fango

Wellness ABC - what does it mean? Letter B - F

Wellness ABC – what does it mean?

Letter „B – F”


This is a kind of treatment with medicinal water or so called thermal mineral water not classified as medicinal water yet. It comprises drinking cure with such waters, inhalation, mud treatment, carbonated baths and medicinal baths.

This is one of the facilities used in Roman baths, which means hot watery bathroom. The caldarium, usually tiled or covered with marble, in which people usually stay for 30 to 40 minutes, poses less burden on human organism than a sauna due to the lower temperatures (40-50 °C) and the humidity of the air (70-100%).


Chinese massage
The Chinese massage may be considered as a kind of acupuncture combined with stretching. The massage may consist of various parts. It may refer to the spine massage and the Chinese head massage aiming at the head and neck. During the massage the acupuncture points are treated as well. The Chinese massage also includes the stretching of muscles or joints.


Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen did her best to fight ageism; she tried to make her skin soft and healthy by having a bath with donkey milk in it. The beauty care products named after her suggest having a bath with a mixture of milk and vegetable oil. These products are based on the conditioning and nourishing effects that milk and vegetable oils have on the skin.



Mud pack from ground volcanic rock is applied to a certain part or the whole of the body. Fango is capable of holding heat for a long period, rich in minerals and free of organic substances. It has been used for treatment of rheumatism for centuries, and it is also used for beautician purposes.


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