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Wellness ABC

Wellness treatments available in Hévíz

In the course of the acupressure the particular points of the body are massaged with finger pads or nails. As a result the direction and the intensity of the flow of the chi, that is vital force, in the meridians will be restored to the normal and healthy channel.

Human has around 360 main acupuncture points, and through these points certain disorders of the body may be stopped by using acupuncture needles. The acupuncture is quite effective against pains and it also stimulates blood flow, stabilises circulation, increases the body energy level and improves the general state of health.

It comprises treatments which help you remain fit and young, including stress relief, exercise therapy, beautician techniques, change of eating habits, vitalising substances, brain training, change of lifestyle, and many others.

It is gymnastics performed in water and accompanied with instructions and mostly with music, which is protective to joints but it is also featured of training and massage as it requires force against the water-pressure.

Aroma-light therapy
It is not the scent what is primarily used in aroma-therapy treatments but the volatile oil extracted out of plants. Volatile oils have certain components that get locally active within the body and perform only a secondary effect through smelling.
With lighting during the light therapy coloured light penetrates deep into the skin so that to stimulate the positive reactions of the cells to everyday complaints and mental disorders.

The Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine and philosophy at the same time, which aims at the individual instead of the treatment of disease or symptoms by consideration and comparison of the individual habitus, climate, the seasons of the year and parts of the day, lifestyle, diet and many other aspects.