Special family heritage! Med. Veronika Moll

Talk with Med. Veronika Moll, whose father developed the Hévíz weightbath therapeutic method.

Special family heritage! Med. Veronika Moll

Med. Veronika Moll - Head physician, rheumatologist, specialist in physiotherapy

“In our family, curing is a multi-generational tradition. I did not even think about choosing another profession. My parents also worked as rheumatologists in Hévíz. My father, Dr Károly Moll created the flow map of Lake Hévíz and invented the weight bath. My mother, Dr Ilona Hoffmann was the first female rheumatologist of Hévíz bath, therefore this world was not unknown to me even as a child. I like my profession because it is really varied. As a rheumatologist, I have to take into account the results of many fields of expertise and background areas from orthopaedics to internal medicine. Behind a symptom can be a number of causes that need to be thoroughly mapped, so personalised treatments work extremely well. Most of our guests returning after a year say they were totally symptom-free in the period between the two treatment courses. It is also not uncommon that prosthesis surgeries already appointed can be avoided by using the Traditional Hévíz Therapy.”




What problems can help Hévíz, and the Traditional Hévíz Therapy?

  • Back, neck and spine pain
  • Joint degeneration and calcification e.g. knee, hip, shoulder, wrist complaints
  • Problems with muscles and ligaments
  • After-treatment of rheumatologic, orthopaedic, musculoskeletal surgeries and accidents
  • Prevention and treatment of ‘manager diseases’
  • Sports injuries

The basic elements of the Traditional Hévíz Therapy:

  • Bathing in certified medicinal water
  • Medicinal mud wrap or a Hévíz mud bath
  • Weight bath – based on the invention of acclaimed rheumatologist and Hévíz resident, Dr Károly Moll.

Additional elements:

  • Therapeutic massage, movement therapy, physio- and hydro-therapy, drinking cure

Why are Hévíz therapies special?

  • Complex therapy that focuses on the individual
  • Continuous medical control 
  • Individualised therapy based on a treatment plan 
  • Long-term effects
  • Natural cure
  • Effectiveness proven by recent medical researches

The steps of the therapy

  1. Medical examination
  2. Creating an individualised treatment plan
  3. Attending treatments: Ideally, 1-2 treatments a day for 2-3 weeks
  4. Medical examination and assessment

The total cost or a part of the cost of the Hévíz therapy can be covered by your domestic health insurance provider. Consult your general practitioner for the details.

More information about the medical treatmenst you can find here: LINK

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