Sauna shows

Rituals to relax and refresh

Sauna shows

Sauna show is a ceremony or ritual with a duration of 8 to 15 minutes. A sauna master is performing the rituals. While water mixed with different aromas is poured on the rocks, the sauna master with the help of a flag or towel moves the air around accelerating the sweating of the guests. As a result temperature goes up even higher; sweating is increased and guests feel a nice sensation. Pouring of water on the stones increases the drainage of toxins from the body by 20 %.

Ice session

Refreshing and stimulates the blood circulation. For the session ice free from fragrance or with fragrance is used. During the ritual icy air and the hot air of the sauna are mixed.

Honey session

Guests participate at a short pre-sauna session prior to covering their bodies with honey. At the end of the sauna session the honey is completely absorbed. Calms and smoothens the skins and boosts the metabolism. Honey is good for the hair, gives it a silky and shiny look and strong texture.

Sea salt session

During this session guests anoint their bodies with sea salt, which helps to get rid of the dead epidermic cells during the sauna treatment.

Medicinal water pouring

During these sessions medicinal water is poured on the stones of the sauna. Due to the heat the active agents of the medicinal water are intensified and increased impact can be achieved.

Also fluids containing beer, vitamins and so called Russian mix are also used. Sauna masters are common in German and in Austria. In Hungary their work has become known only in the last few years.

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