Programs for the Whole Year in Hévíz!

It is advisable to plan ahead, since during our big events the accommodations get full quicker!We collected for you the dates for our biggest events for 2019:

Programs for the Whole Year in Hévíz!


23rd February | Carnival of Hévíz
Traditional Pig Slaughter and Charityorganized the community of the Farmers’ Market of
Hévíz.The guests will have the chance to taste the previously mentioned traditional food and drinks. On the afternoon begins the masquerade parade, the burning of a straw figure to drive the cold and you can buy from the famous carnival doughnut. 



19th-22nd April | Easter Fair of Handmade Goods
The season starts with diverse programs in which you can get to how a typical Hungarian Easter is celebrated. Each day of the Easter Festival the visitors awaitwith fairs, playhouses and traditional food, of course.




1st-5th May | Hévíz at the Turn of the Century
The event, which was started in 2011, evokes the ‘golden years’ of Hévíz, a period that lasted from the 1860s to the 1930s. The town tries to recall the atmosphere of the palmy days of peace in every possible way during the event: organ-grinders wearing tails and top hat play music in the streets, ladies dressed in hoop skirt and hat walk in the flowering park leading to the thermal lake. The event will be opened by a costume parade accompanied with live music and dance, in the course of which the professions and trades of the period will be presented.


11st May | Flavius Day
In Egregy (a district of Hévíz) next to the remains of the Roman villa, in a beautiful landscaped area, we recall the traditions of Roman times: gladiator fights, toga parades, ancient oracles, the fashion and hairstyle, as well as ancient board games. You can have a taste from the dishes and drinks of the period.



19th May | 4th Running Festival of Hévíz
The runners who manage to run 4-14-21 km will not only get to experience a well-organised event but they also will be gifted T-Shirts, medals and an unforgettable experience! The half marathon can be done individually or in a relay.




5th-8th June | Pentecostal Merriment and Fair
During the four-day Pentecostal celebrations, we await the visitors of Hévíz with joyful programmes and activities. The tradition of electing the king and queen of Pentecost will also be evoked. During the festivities, don’t miss the Pentecostal fair and playhouse either.




16th June | XIV. Lotus RetroConcours D'Elegance
At the Lotus Retro Mobil Concours d'Elegance, precious and exotic collectibles from Hungary, Austria and Germany find their way to Hévíz. On Sunday in the large park of the Lotus Therme "high-gloss atmosphere", when the beautiful models of Mercedes, Lotus, Jaguar, Corvette, Cadillac or Porsche can be viewed and evaluated. You can further expect a grill tent, kid’s programs.



21st-23rd June | Angels and Vagabonds All-arts Festival including International Colony of Artists, Cinematic Art Symposium, Street Music and Street Art Festival and the Long Night of Museums
Visitors will be offered lively and colourful programmes in the centre of Hévíz during the three-day event. The multiplicity of music (country, pop, dixie, guitar, accordion and brass band music, relaxing music, folk music, as well as jazz and pop), along with showmen, living statues, acrobats, street artists walking on stilts, painters, draughtsmen make the weekend fascinating and unforgettable.


6th-7th July | Flavours, Dances, Good Neighbours including Folklore and World music Festival
In the course of this two-day festival, in addition to the wonderful treasure of the Hungarian folk dance, folk music and cuisine, the folk art and gastronomy of the neighbouring countries will also be introduced, as it is referred to in the title.



20th July | St. Mary Magdalene Fair in Egregy
The patron saint of the Árpád-age church in Egregy is St. Mary Magdalene. The parish feast is held in her honour on Mary Magdalene’s Day every year. Real festive atmosphere with arts and crafts fair, carousel, shooting gallery and excellent culinary offers are provided for the visitors.



3rd-4th August | Nostalgia Weekend
At the nostalgia weekend, the centre of Hévíz will be filled with chamber ensembles, pianists recalling the atmosphere of old cafés, while couples are dancing the waltz all around. The visitors of the programmes can enjoy nostalgic melodies by candlelight at the terraces of coffee shops and restaurants.




10th-11th August | Fair of Handmade Goods
This weekend, Hévíz is hosting a fair full with handmade crafts made by local craftsmen and women.





16th-20th August | 8th Wine Festival of Hévíz
At the 8th wine festival of Hévíz, we await our guests with a cultural and culinary offer unique in the region. In addition to the wineries of Zala County, the representatives of the prominent Hungarian wine regions will also introduce themselves in the ‘wine street’ of Festetics Square. The lovers of wines can enjoy wonderful drinks under centuries-old sycamore trees in a pleasant atmosphere.


7th September | Harvest of Egregy
On the first weekend of September, the traditional harvest festivities is organised in the district of Egregy. The event starts off with the traditional harvest parade and continues with the harvest. Taste delicious wines with traditional music playing in the background.





21st-22nd September | Fair of Handmade Goods
We await you with a weekend filled with local handmade crafts in September too!






9th-10th November | St. Martin’s Day and Family Festival
The popular goose race kicks off the St. Martin’s Day Family Festival every year. In addition to children’s programmes, handcraft workshops and folk playground await visitors. The new wine will be blessed in the Holy Spirit Church. It will be followed by a lamp-lit march from the church to the location of the festival. The organisers wait the participants with a tea and mulled wine.


29th November – 22nd December | Advent Programmes in Hévíz






31st December | New Year’s Eve in Hévíz





We reserve the rights to change the programs!


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