Post-Covid Care Treatments in Hévíz

In cooperation with the Hévíz Tourism Nonprofit Kft., the specialists of the Hévíz Medicinal Bath and St. Andrew’s Hospital for Rheumatology, as well as the qualified spa hotels of Hévíz will launch a POST-COVID CARE programme in September 2021 at several locations based on the effectiveness of the treatments of the Traditional Hévíz Therapy.

Post-Covid Care Treatments in Hévíz

After 220 years of medical experience and research, the Traditional Hévíz Therapy became a trademark of Hévíz in 2015. The therapy consists of three basic and four complementary treatments using the healing properties of sulphurous magnesium carbonate water.

Experts have recognized that a significant part of the hydro, movement, physio- and electrotherapies of the Traditional Hévíz Therapy is suitable for the treatment of certain problems of the Post-Covid syndrome. In addition, the mineral content of Lake Hévíz, the evaporating water and the climatic effect of the 60-hectare Protective Forest surrounding the lake are also very effective in achieving the healing effect.

The Post-Covid Care programme will work on the model of the already proven Traditional Hévíz Therapy. Patients arriving in Hévíz with post-Covid-19 symptoms will receive professional and personalised treatments in the comfort of a hotel, under medical supervision. The programme and the quality of the treatments will be identical, regardless of which Hévíz location the patient chooses.



The specialists in Hévíz try to alleviate or, if possible, eliminate the symptoms of Post-Covid syndrome, such as shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle weakness, concentration and psychological problems. The patient's condition is assessed before arrival using an online questionnaire, and a full medical examination is available before the treatment starts, either at the hotel or at a local private clinic. The specialists aim to put together an individualised treatment programme, as Post-Covid symptoms vary considerably from patient to patient. If the severity of the symptoms indicates it, they may even recommend a hospitalisation different from the programme.

The Post Covid Care tests and treatments are designed and supervised by rheumatologists, internists, cardiologists, dieticians and mental health professionals with decades of experience.

After the results of endurance, muscle strength of the main muscle groups, oxygen saturation, cardiological and laboratory tests, the recommended treatment programme for the patient is drawn up. Depending on the results, the intensity and frequency of the exercise will also be decided.

The duration of the Post-Covid Care treatments varies depending on the severity of the symptoms but is at least one week.

The treatments aim to achieve the best possible recovery and fuller rehabilitation as far as possible without the use of medication and with a targeted treatment plan (active movement therapy, passive treatment methods and other physiotherapy techniques).

In Hévíz, the hotels offer a wide range of treatments, such as therapeutic massage, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, gymnastics, breathing exercises with chest mobilisation, diaphragm exercise, inhalation, spa treatments, static and dynamic balance, proprioception development, water gymnastics, salt cave, stretching, mental hygiene guidance, dietetic advice, aromatherapies, etc. The climatic environment surrounding Lake Hévíz is an excellent place for outdoor exercises, such as Nordic Walking, walking, yoga or cycling, all of which help recovery.



The Post-Covid Care programme is currently available at five locations in Hévíz: Lotus Therme Hotel & Spa, Hotel Europa Fit, NaturMed Hotel Carbona, Hotel Palace Hévíz and Hotel Spa Hévíz.

Participants in the programme aim to use their expertise and as many tools as possible to help people recovering from Covid-19 disease to end the symptoms that persist and affect the quality of life. They believe that their expertise, Hévíz's unrivalled facilities and the comfort of a hotel can work together to help patients make a full recovery as quickly as possible.

Detailed information about the Post Covid Care programme can be found on the website of the town of Hévíz: