Late summer in Hévíz!

Summer is over, but the beach season in Hévíz is not over!

Late summer in Hévíz!

Enjoy the beach season, which lasts until October, as long as you can, when the water of Lake Hévíz still retains its summer warmth! Enjoy the region's autumn gastronomic events, watch the dance of the little ones at the Tündérrózsa Folk Festival, or drink wine on a cozy terrace on the Egregyi Wine Hill! Take one last boat ride in the Balaton sunset, run, jog, walk, cycle on the walkways that rustle with falling leaves! 

Heal, rest, slow down, be a little selfish and take care of yourself! Because this is how autumn is in Hévíz...

Late summer in Hévíz!

Couldn't get away in the summer? Have you already planned your vacation for September? Even in autumn, swim in a lake with warm water above 30°C in Hévíz and enjoy uncrowded experiences!

I will read the entire offer!


If it's autumn, let's go on a trip

When the heat finally ends, the real city-visiting, hiking, and biking excursion time comes! When visiting Hévíz, we have many tips on what to see in autumn (also).

Hiking tips, thematic attractions!



Experience map

Do you have a rough idea of what attractions are in the West-Balaton area? Almost 70 unique sights on one map.


Cycling tips

Rent a bike at the Tourinform Office in Hévíz! You can choose from e-bikes, trekking bikes, city bikes! More than 50 devices in one place.

Cycling tour tips, rental fees!


800 year old church

Have you ever seen the small Árpád-era church on Egregy? And our half-minute short film made about him?

I'd love to see it!




All Hévíz programs can be found on the Hévíz website in the Programs menu item!

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