Lake Hévíz cannot be visited until 11th January 2021.

Based on the resolution of the national chief medical officer Cecília Müller, the Hévíz Lake Bath has also been forced to close.

Lake Hévíz cannot be visited until 11th January 2021.

Expected opening date: 11th January 2021 (subject to further government decisions). Dr. Zsuzsanna Mándó, the acting director of the Hévíz Medicinal Bath, informed our local government today. 

The following services will continue to operate smoothly in the Indoor Bath:

-        outpatient care,

-        active rheumatology and priority rehabilitation inpatient care,

-        physiotherapy treatments, and

-        diagnostic departments.

Treatments performed in pools, such as weight bath and underwater physiotherapy, are not available but bathing in medicinal water is available in tubs. 


Under government regulations, St. Andrew's Hospital for Rheumatology and Rehabilitation, like several such facilities, maintains 106 beds for the care of COVID-19 patients who do not require intensive care.