Kinesio Lab in the Festetics Bathhouse

Check out what the most up-to-date digital technology says about the state of your bones, joints and muscles.

Kinesio Lab in the Festetics Bathhouse

“Health is closely intertwined with movement, which is prerequisite for walking. Walking is one of our most natural movements; it affects the functioning of the whole body..."

Hévíz Thermal Bath and St. Andrew's Hospital for Rheumatology and Rehabilitation has opened the movement analysis laboratory, which has been tested for months and has been used by its patients, to the general public.

The Kinesio lab, as the local people like calling it, was financed with own resources amounted to HUF 190 million.  By means of the most advanced digital technology and computer-controlled equipment, trained physiotherapists help you to get an overall picture of the state of your bones, joints, and muscles, your body composition and gait.
After analysing the results produced by the machine, patients will, of course, receive an important and clear medical report and, if necessary, a treatment plan, which can be supplemented by dietetic advice too.


Kinesio lab

Dr Attila Kvarda, the Director General of the Hospital for Rheumatology, stressed that the movement analysis laboratory is an important part of the Traditional Hévíz Therapy, as it helps to get a precise picture of the patient's pre- and post-treatment state. With this complex examination, the effectiveness of treatments in movement therapy can be measured objectively both in the short and the long term.
In the long run, with the help of the test results, the specialists can draw up a more specialized treatment package for the patients with certain types of symptoms, therefore they can develop the most effective treatment processes. In addition to the patient’s feedback, with the aid of the clearly measurable computer analysis, the effects of treatment processes can be checked from time to time.

The tests of the Kinesio lab can be used by patients referred to the hospital, but the tests are also available to anyone for a fee, and, of course, anyone who has been tested receives a medical report.

The movement analysis is not only recommended for patients who have already received treatment

It is recommended for younger people on a preventive basisand for athletes in order that they could get a precise picture of the state of their joints and muscles, which are loaded more than the average, and also of the condition of their body either to prevent sports injuries or to follow up existing injuries. In these types of tests, the staff of the Kinesio lab in Hévíz actively collaborate with the athletes and sports doctor of the Hévíz Handball Team.

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The list of the available services at the Kinesio lab

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