It's raining? No problem! You can do many things around Hévíz!

Nobody likes rainy weather during the holidays, but that doesn't mean you should lock yourself in your hotel room. Even though you cannot sunbathe or enjoy the sun during a rainy day, we have collected what you can do when it rains.

It's raining? No problem! You can do many things around Hévíz!

Beach with an umbrella?!

Yes! Swimming in Hévíz is an experience even when it rains or the weather is cooler! The temperature of Lake Hévíz is about 35-36 °C in summer even with rain and wind. If the rain bothers you, you can also relax in the warm water in the building above the lake. Water lilies open up when it rains, and when the air temperature is cooler than the water temperature, one may even be surprised, since the warm water lake is usually steaming!



Summer is not just about the beaches!

At the western end of Lake Balaton, there is a lot to do in rainy or cloudy weather as well. 5 program tips around Hévíz in rainy weather: The Farmers' Market of Hévíz can be visited three times a week, on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, where you can buy delicacies and handmade trinkets.

The Bobo Fun Park is open when it rains as well! The largest adrenaline arena on Lake Balaton and in Hungary was opened just a year ago, and the indoor facility is open for everyone! For adults, the park is full of relaxation and excitement, as it offers a lot of sporting, active recreation in a huge square while for children the park offers curious adventures.



The exhibitions of Helikon Castle have so many exhibitions that one day is not enough to see everything. Why not visit the Festetics Castle on a rainy day? You even have the possibility to visit the several exhibitions with a two-day combined ticket, such as the Noble forms of life, the carriage museum, the railway model and hunting exhibition, or the palm house. In the Castle Museum, many exhibitions have been renewed in recent years, so it's worth taking a look. What's more, each day a themed program awaits the guests as well like guided tours in the castle park, guided tours in the castle from the cellars to the attic and so on.



The Imre Festetics Experience Center awaits everyone! The House of Nature and Animal Park is located at the border of Gyenesdiás, only 10 minutes from Hévíz. With interactive exhibition and many local animals the park is fun for the whole family!



Just around the corner

Don't miss the following programs if you are looking for nice activities to do when it's cloudy! The Sümeg Castle Games offer an exciting program for everyone. Throughout the summer you can enjoy the thrill of the knight's tournament every Wednesday and Saturday and you can even take part in a medieval dinner afterwards. The program is perfect in any weather, because when it rains there is a huge knight's hall at the foot of the castle hill, just below the restaurant. 



If you would like to do something that brings you closer to nature, taking on a boat trip in the Cave Lake of Tapolca is the perfect program for you! During the summer months, there are always many people at the Visitor Center of the Balaton Upland National Park in Tapolca, where you can get acquainted with the earth's caves in a 3D exhibition and then experience rowing in the crystal clear waters of the cave.

In the permanent exhibition of the Balaton Museum you can get acquainted with the past and the present of Lake Balaton. Even though it's a little unplesant to bathe in Lake Balaton when it rains, if there is no wind you can still go on a hip cruise. In the summer months, 1-hour cruises set off from the port of Keszthely.


Hike and enjoy the thousand wonders of nature!

Trips on foot and by bike in the area might be a good program to consider. In the Keszthely Mountains you can choose from easy  to extreme hiking trails. We offer special hiking routes on our premises and you can rent children's and adult bicycles, e-bikes and e-scooters at the Tourinform Office of Hévíz.

The Kányavári Island and Buffalo Reserve at Kis-Balaton are also charming despite of the rain. On the 2.5 km-long nature trail you can admire the water spiders or the great egret up close. You can take part in a Hungarian "safari" program in the buffalo reserve.



You can also get to know native Hungarian animal species in the Africa Museum in Balatonederics, or at the Salföld Ranch in the Balaton Upland National Park. You can also test your stamina in the adventure parks of the area, such as Tavirózsa Adventure Park in Hévíz or the much larger Zobori Adventure Park in Zalaszabar. But you can also walk through dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Park in Rezi.


And last but not least, roam the volcanic sites of the Keszthely Mountains and Lake Balaton! Enjoy the beauty of the hiking trails, the unique panorama of Lake Balaton, visit the castle ruins (Szigliget, Rezi, Tátika, Csobánc) or the basalt organs, because the hilly landscape around awaits hikers every day.

Of course, these programs are also wonderful in sunny weather! Discover Hévíz and its surroundings every day of the year, because the visitor places are constantly renewed, beautified and expanded with new experiences! Have you been to any of the places we have listed here? We can say something new! Find our colleagues and the Tourinform office in Hévíz and get advice on where to go!


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