Hévíz: your summer destination

Do you consider where to go for vacation this year? Are you looking for a place for relax and swimming but also cycling and walking? We have for you 10 reasons why to visit Hévíz.

Hévíz: your summer destination

  1. Easy to reach

Hévíz is located on the southwest part of Balaton Lake, 210 km from Budapest, 200 km from Wienna. Only a few hours to travel to have a unique experience any time of the year.

  1. Exceptional thermal lake

Hévíz is exceptional mainly thanks to its medicinal thermal lake with an area of 47 500 m2 with a funnel-like sloping bottom. Hévíz thermal lake is the largest biologically active natural thermal lake in the world and swimming in it is thanks to its temperature (in summetimer almost 38 °C) very pleasant diversification of your stay at any time, regardless of the weather.

  1. Natural treasures

In Hévíz, especially around the lake we can be walking the esplanade to see a variety of exotic, evergreen trees. Anyone with admiration stops in front of the colourful scenery of blooming lake roses covering the surface of the lake. The flowering period of the strictly protected plants starts in early summer and lasts until the end of November.

  1. All year service

Hévíz population of about 5000 lives of tourism all year round and offers a perfect service. Many restaurants, coffees, patisseries and pubs in the city offers local food. 10 000 beds, from private houses till 5star hotels for very attractive prices. Summer festival lovers can also enjoy themselves.

  1. Great place for allergic people

A lot of water evaporating from the thermal lake all the time cleans the air and Hévíz and spa is almost free of dust and allergens.

  1. Great for biking and walking

Hévíz area offers many cycling options with a wide network of bike routes and trails with markings for walkers. You do not have to worry if you left your bike at home, you can rent bicycles in Hévíz and in the area also. There are a lot of tourist attractions in the neighbourhood like caste ruins in Sümeg, Rezi, Tátice and Szigliget, a beautiful Festetics chateau in Keszthely.

  1. A rich treatment programme for everyone

Besides the baths in the thermal lake the spa treatments in Hévíz consist also of bathing in thermal pools in the spa and wellness hotels, and are complemented by other medical therapies such as massages, body wraps, drinking cure, etc. The lovers of wellness and healthy living may also choose from a wide range of facilities.

  1. Balaton, the biggest central Europe lake

Only 6 km from Hévíz is Balatonfelvidék national park with the biggest central European Lake Balaton, ideal place for sailing, boat trip and windsurf. Next to Budapest Balaton is the most popular touristic attraction in the summertime.

  1. Interesting attractions to spice up your stay

If you are fearless and adventuresome tourist, while your stay in Hévíz you can try certain special programs - irrespectively of age group – like hot air balloon, fly with the gyrocopter, ride a Segway or e-bike, play golf or visit local caves.

  1. Delicious wines with local specialities and a live music

A leisure stroll or a road train can get you to the Egregy wine district. You can regain strength during a pleasant diner or wine tasting often accompanied by a live music.