Giro d'Italia's events postponed

The competition will be held later

Giro d'Italia's events postponed

There have been many meetings between Hungarian and Italian organizers over the past few weeks. Eventually, the Hungarian organizing committee has requested that the event be held at a different time, bearing in mind the health and safety of the Hungarian people.

Accordingly, the Grande Partenza, the opening event of Giro d'Italia in Hungary, scheduled for 9th-11th May 2020, has been postponed.

At one of the biggest cycling races in Europe, a stage finale has been planned in Hévíz, which is of special interest. The town prepared for this with numerous events and fan programs, which are also going to be postponed.

The new date of the competition has not been known yet but Hévíz is still ready to host the event and will join the bicycle race with the originally planned accompanying events later.