From Easter to New Year's Eve, we are waiting for you with these festivals in Hévíz this year!

Are you already planning your vacations this year? We will help you choose an appointment. If you would like to come when you expect a larger local event, or on the contrary, you would rather avoid the festival atmosphere, we show you when the most significant events can be expected in Hévíz in 2023.

From Easter to New Year's Eve, we are waiting for you with these festivals in Hévíz this year!

11-19 February Kissing benches in Hévíz

Organized by the Hello Hévíz - Hévíz Entrepreneurs Association, cozy benches, bridges and gates awaited the romantic guests in Hévíz for the 3rd time in the middle of February. The "kissing benches" set up in many parts of the city not only put passers-by in a romantic mood, but those who submitted their photos could also participate in a nice game.

18 February Women's Carnival

The vendors of the Hévíz Farmers' Market organized the first Women's Carnival in 2023 with the goal of creating tradition. At the cozy event, fun, fun and delicious carnival snacks played a leading role, much to the delight of the participants and market visitors.

 7-10 April Easter fair

Traditionally connected to the Easter festivities, the organizers welcome visitors to Hévíz with a craft fair, an egg hunt game, children's programs and atmospheric concerts. The programs expected during the four-day weekend: flea market, games, family movie afternoon at the Fontana Cinema, brass bands, early evening retro disco, wooden toy park.

29 April - 1 May Happy Peacetimes in Hévíz and City Day

The 11th Happy Peace Times Hévíz costume parade will be organized on Saturday afternoon, 29 April. The crowd, dressed in period clothes, will start from the City Hall and walk down the park to Festetics Square, where the groups will finally present themselves on the Rákóczi Street stage. The parade is led by the Happy Dixieland Band and dancers again this year. After the spectacular parade, you can take photos together at selfie points in the city center. More concerts are expected in the evening, but even on Sunday, various bands will entertain the guests of Hévíz. 1 May is traditionally the day of the city, when the honorary titles of the city of Hévíz are awarded. Throughout the three-day long weekend, artisans, wineries and gastro stands await visitors in Rákóczi Street. On Sunday, you can even expect a cozy lakeside picnic.

14 May Running race

After a 3-year break, young and old alike can re-enroll and support the Hévíz Running Festival. The running competition is organized by the Hévíz sports association for several distances and age groups. You can find the entry fees, distances and route on the event page, where the information is constantly updated.

19 May Moonlight bath on Lake Hévíz

This year, the Hévíz Lake team organizes two late-night bathing sessions in Lake Hévíz, once in the spring and once in the fall. This year, for the first time in mid-May, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a really fast-paced concert while swimming in the warm water of the thermal lake. The evening will be opened by the best-known ABBA hits, followed by a retro disco.

28-29 May Pentecost Superhero program

For the third time, the Hello Hévíz - Hévíz Entrepreneurs Association organizes the Pentecost superhero family program. Many challenges, multiple locations, funny and fun trials throughout the city. Thus, we await guests with family-friendly programs even during the long weekend of Pentecost.

23 June Midsummers Eve's program

On the occasion of Midsummers Eve's programs are expected in Hévíz on June 23. This year, the local entrepreneurs are also organizing a torchlight parade and an atmospheric, musical program in Egregy, in the museum garden.

13-16 July BEER promenade in Hévíz

In whatever form you like it, come to us on the second weekend of July and celebrate with us the traditional drink, beer, also known as "liquid bread" for an entire weekend.
In addition to beer, of course there is also a place for the delicious dishes that go with them, and days do not go by without good music. We also thought of the smallest members of the family, while the adults indulge their taste buds, the children can have fun too. Indispensable participants of the Hévíz programs are the local vendors, who await you every day with their products. What's more, if you feel like it, you can visit the handicraft exhibition yard on Saturday, where you can see up close how the masters make their works.

4-6 August Blanket festival (EKF2023 program/eco-festival in Egregy)

The program takes place in Hévíz within the framework of the EKF 2023 Veszprém-Balaton event series. We warmly welcome everyone to a festival with a family atmosphere, where there will be interactive sessions and workshops during the day, and thematic programs in the evening. Among them are star-studded nature film screenings and unplugged concerts. Picnic atmosphere and eco-conscious performances, at an old-new venue in Hévíz. You can read updated information about the event here.

17-20 August Wine and Gastropromenade

This year, the traditional wine and food festival in Hévíz at the end of August will not be missed. In Rákóczi Street, many local and invited wine houses, roast stalls and artisans will be selling their wares. It's noon on stagewe entertain the public visiting Hévíz with children's shows every afternoon and concerts in the evenings!


September TavirózsaFolkFest

Negotiations are still ongoing regarding the autumn folk dance meeting, but we are confident that we will be able to watch the shows of many performers on the Rákóczi Street stage this year as well. September 15. Moonlight bath on Lake Hévíz The second lakeside party of the year, extending into the night, will take place in mid-September. Similar to previous occasions like this, there will be live music, a retro disco atmosphere, night bathing, delicious snacks and refreshing drinks in the Hévíz Tófürdő.

16-17 October Chestnut festival

Organized by the Tavirózsa Adventure Park, you will be able to learn everything about the chestnut again this year. From the care of saplings to the processing of sweet and wild chestnuts, many interesting things will be revealed at the autumn event, which of course will not leave children and food lovers without a program.

On New Year's Eve, a street party will of course await guests visiting Hévíz.

Between June and October, within the framework of the 2023 Veszprém-Balaton European Capital of Culture program

several smaller events (micro-concerts, informative lectures, children's performances) are held in the Véderdő in Hévíz under the title Forest Mystery or Game in the Green. You will soon be able to read the details of this series of events in the VEB2023 EKF menu item on the page. All Hévíz programs can be found on the Hévíz website in the Programs menu item!

We reserve the right to change the program!

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