Electrotherapy is used in various forms during Hévíz treatments.


Electrotherapy, balneotherapy and mechanotherapy are part of physiotherapy treatments. Electrotherapy is used in various forms during Hévíz treatments. Therapies may mitigate pain, stimulate blood circulation and generate deep tissue congestion depending on the therapy type.

Most frequently used electrotherapy treatments

During iontotherapy the ions of a medicine prescribed by physician are introduced to the body via the skin with the help of local galvanic current. It may be local and general: relieving muscle- and traumatic pains and arthritis. It is beneficial for migraine and aortic stenosis; it also speeds up the absorption of hematoma and softens up scarring.

Diadynamic current therapy is a special electrotherapy, which has an alleviative and circulation boosting effect. Indications: analgesic treatment, vein innervations disorders, twitches, bruises, oedema, nervous pain, joint and spine wear, disc related disorders, muscle wasting.

Myotest means electrical treatment of the nerves, by generating muscle contractions. Indications: treatment and prevention of muscular wasting.The main aim of interference treatment is to generate internal pulsating massage in the muscles located next to the spine, by using electricity with various frequencies. Indications: spine and posture disorders.

The effect of the magnetic loop (pulsatron) is based on the rhythmic change of the magnetic field. Indications: muscle stiffness, postal treatment of brain haemorrhage, neuralgia, postal treatment of injuries and certain internal medicinal disorders.

The application of infra-red radiation is the most general treatment of light therapy. Indication of infra-red lamp: nose, frontal cavity, sweat gland and follicle inflammation, dermatomycosis and tendinous synovitis. Locomotor disorders can be treated by using special laser light, which has among others pain alleviation and anti-inflammatory effect.

Cryotherapy is based on the circulation of cold air. Indications: recent joint injury, soft tissue oedema, acute lumbago.

„High frequency” treatment types: decimetre wave, microwave and short wave. Treatments use the heat effect of electricity for generating tissue congestion. Indications: improves blood circulation, alleviator of pain.

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 Interesting facts

Already Romans used electrotherapy; however they did not use electricity. For the treatment of paralysed children the Romans put fish in a pool, which were able to generate electricity in order to stimulate the paralysed muscles.

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