Did you know that in Hévíz you can choose from 15 types of sauna?

How many did your tried?

Did you know that in Hévíz you can choose from 15 types of sauna?

Finnish sauna, Infrasauna, Steam-bath, Sauna onpouring with ice, honey, sea salt and thermal water, Caldarium, Laconium, Tepidarium, Frigidarium, Hamam…

Since the prevalence of wellness, various sauna forms became popular. The importance and beneficial effects of sauna had already been realised by ancient civilizations. Alteration of hot and cold are is the basic principle of sauna.

Sauna treatment consists of the following four parts:

1. Shower (cleaning the body)
2. Sweating phase
It is recommended to first lie down on and later on to sit on the middle bench for 8 (or maximum 15) minutes. By pouring water with a few drops of essential oil on the stones, humidity can be increased and warm sensation can be achieved.
3. Cooling phase
Cooling shall take place on fresh air. The outside air cools the skin and also the respiratory passages and as a result oxygen supply is improved. Shower is only recommended after the cooling phase on fresh air (always starting from the feet and heading towards the heart). After showering it is recommended to use the dipping pool as an intense refreshment treatment. This can be followed by a hot foot bath in order to stimulate the blood circulation in the feet and legs.
4. Relaxation phase
Relaxation phase shall be at least as long as the stay we spent in the sauna.