A New Calvary Has Been Opened in Egregy

The new calvary has been consecrated on 8 July 2022.

A New Calvary Has Been Opened in Egregy

The Calvary was blessed and consecrated by Reverend Dr. György Udvardy, Archbishop of Veszprém, with the help of László Kiss, Bishop of Hévíz, who asked God's blessing on the built Calvary. They also asked blessings for the creators of the Calvary and for everyone who visits it to walk Christ's Way of the Cross.

János József Kepli, Deputy Mayor of Hévíz and Secretary of State Bálint Nagy gave a festive speech to the large crowd gathered at the foot of the Árpád-era church. In his speech, József Kepli called the construction of the Calvary an important milestone in the life of Hévíz and Egregy, as it enabled one of the most important elements of Egregy's urban rehabilitation efforts to be realized. After the excavation and presentation of the ruins of the Villa Rustica, the preservation of the grave of the Roman soldier, the construction of the Egregyi Museum, the renovation of the Romanesque-style cemetery chapel and the renovation of the wine cellar, it is a great pleasure that such a beautiful, new, natural place that provides an opportunity for reflection was created. The calvary is not only a confession of our faith for Hévíz and the region, but also a significant step forward from the point of view of religious tourism, emphasized State Secretary Bálint Nagy in his speech.

The length of the promenade consisting of 14 stations is about 300 meters, and the difference in level from the starting point to the cross is 23.5 meters. The calvary ascends in the direction of the Árpád-era church. Its design is characterized by simplicity and moderation. Trees offer shade in the surroundings of the walkway made of natural materials, and in some sections it is possible to rest and meditate. The materials used fits well into the landscape. The artistic works of his stations were created by Tibor Túri Török.

At the end of the Calvary, a wooden cross was added. Next to the cross there is also a stone sculpture representing an empty tomb, which symbolizes the resurrection of Christ. At the end of our walk, we come to the north side of the monument cemetery chapel, so we can also admire the small Romanesque church built in the first half of the 13th century. The calvary can be reached on foot, by bicycle, by car, and can also be visited as part of a guided walk.


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