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Although musculoskeletal complaints are similar, athletes require a different type of treatment.

For athletes, the recovery process is more than just pain relief.

It also includes a proper diet, activation of the body, and mental refreshment. For this purpose, the packages offered to sportsmen and sportswomen in Hévíz contain medical treatments, relaxation programmes, active leisure activities and a wide range of menus that can be easily integrated into the diet. For athletes, personalisation is also evident as the treatments should be in line not only with the severity of the problem but also with the athlete's lifestyle, training schedule and competition calendar.

The following hotels have also put together tailor-made offers for athletes.

The St. Andrew’s Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases in Hévíz provides medicinal treatments in the framework of in-patient or out-patient care.



Fasting cures and planned diets, often designed to detoxify the body, are becoming increasingly popular. However, some feel the need to make a change, yet are unsure how to get started....

Have you experienced allergy or food intolerance symptoms?

Perhaps it's a result of environmental change, too much stress, over-processed plant-based foods or simply a hectic lifestyle, but more and more people are not able to eat everything with relish. However, to get an accurate answer to the question of what makes you feel unwell and what causes unpleasant symptoms sometimes or quite often, you need to have a professional test.

What is food intolerance?

Food intolerance is an abnormal reaction of the body to certain foods, which may be caused by several mechanisms. Food sensitivities can cause very unpleasant symptoms and can have a major impact on the quality of life. Food allergy is relatively rare, but food intolerance affects one in three people. The symptoms of food intolerance develop more slowly and are less obvious than those of food allergy. In some cases, they cause rapid-onset sickness, digestive problems, but in others, they can have long-term effects on metabolism, circulation, hormone balance or even joint and skin health. By taking a food intolerance test, you can quickly and easily check which foods may be causing your symptoms. A food intolerance test can detect intolerance to 46 types of food proteins (e.g. gluten, milk, egg, mushroom, nut ...etc.) from a drop of blood. If required, the test can be followed by dietetic advice and a special dietary plan.

Where can such a test be done?

Detoxification cures, fasting in Hévíz

Regular or periodic detoxification is essential for the continuous renewal of the body and the activation of cellular metabolism. While fasting is mostly about drastic changes in diet for a period of time, other methods can be used to renew cells during detoxification. These programmes usually take a few days, are available in a complex package and are always supervised by a specialist or dietician.

These packages can be booked with the following service providers





We understand that you want a fast and efficient solution. We know that you do not have much time. We also know that you would like to have quality services when and how you want them...

No matter what you are responsible for - your family, your colleagues, the success of a company -, responsibility consumes energy, which can lead to mental and physical fatigue and exhaustion.

In Hévíz, "manager programs" are based on four main pillars:

  • quality relaxation: where the service provider will take care of everything from the softness of your pillow to the strength of your coffee effective medical wellness treatments, on request with prior specialist consultation.
  • You can choose from health condition assessments, Kinesio-Lab, medicinal and wellness massages, sauna, TENS, ultrasound therapy, oxygen therapy, gravity inversion table, Kinesio tape, individual movement therapy, cryosauna and many more special services tailored to your individual needs leisure time
  • what recharges you the most: because from family experiences to individual running tracks, you can choose according to your own needs ... if you want to
  • natural healing factors: clean, fresh air, silence, green surroundings, medicinal water and healthy food to make your experience not only stress-free but also chemical-free

The Manager programs are available at the following service providers:

Although we encourage you to do so, we know you won't turn off your mobile and you have also brought your laptop with you, so high-speed internet is a standard service everywhere.


Complex dental treatment from diagnostics to a perfect smile. In Hévíz, professional dental teams work so that their patients could have the most beautiful smiles. From a simple tartar removal to more complex restorations, from oral surgery to orthodontics, dental clinics in Hévíz use the latest technologies to give you the most beautiful smile as quickly and painlessly as possible. Dental Clinics in Hévízű

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Opening hours

Main Entrance &
Festetics Spa Entrance

dr. Schulhof Vilmos promenade and Ady Endre Street

Low season
01. January 2024 - 24.March 2024
07. October 2024 - 30. March 2025
Open: 9:00
Closing of the cashdesk: 16:30
End of bathing time/wellness: 17:00
Closing: 17:30

Early season / Off season
25. March 2024 - 25. May 2024
9. September 2024 - 9. October 2024
Open: 9:00
Closing of the cashdesk: 17:30
End of bathing time/wellness: 18:00
Closing: 18:30

High season
27. May 2024 - 8. September 2024
Open: 8:30
Closing of the cashdesk: 18:00
End of bathing time/wellness: 18:30
Closing: 19:00

Holiday time in December
Closing time on 24.12.2024 is at 14:00; on 31.12.2024 at 16:00. Opening time is at 11:00 on 01.01.2025.

Summer Entrance

Deák Ferenc Square


Opernin: 8:30
Closing of the cashdesk: 18:00
Closing: 19:00


Hévíz Lake Bath reserve the right to change the opening hours and prices.

Hévíz Lake Bath Telephone:
+36 30 959 1002


Hévíz Lake Bath and Festetics Bathhouse price list

Valid from 01. April 2023. until withdrawn

3-hour tickets

3-hour ticket 4 500 Ft
3-hour senior ticket / over 60 years old 4 000 Ft
3-hour student ticket / over 14 years old 4 000 Ft
3-hour children ticket / between 6 and 14 years old 2 400 Ft
3-hour group ticket / up to 20 people
4 000 Ft / p

Daily tickets

Daily ticket
7 500 Ft
Daily senior ticket / over 60 years old
7 000 Ft
Daily student ticket
7 000 Ft
Daily children ticket / For children between 6 -14 years of age. Admission for children under 6 is free.
3 600 Ft

Combined family daily tickets

Minimum 3 person, if at least 1 person is a child.

Adult 7 000 Ft / p
Student (over 14)
(over 60)
6 000 Ft / p
Children (between 6-14) 3 600 Ft / p

Additional tickets

+ 1 hour extension (for the 3-hour tickets)
1 800 Ft
+ upgrading to daily ticket (for the 3-hour tickets)
3 600 Ft
+ additional wellness ticket (for all tickets)
3 300 Ft
Time limit fee (For exceeding the time limit, for every 30 minutes started.)
1 000 Ft

Lake Passes

10-hour Lake Pass - Valid on the day of purchase + 15 calendar days.
13 000 Ft
+ 2 000 Ft deposit
20-hour Lake Pass - Valid on the day of purchase + 25 calendar days. 23 000 Ft
+ 2 000 Ft deposit

Other ticket types

Discounted Ticket before Closing (available 2 hours before the end of bathing time)
3 600 Ft
Visitor's Ticket (bathing is not included, max. 30 min)
1 900 Ft + 3 000 Ft deposit
Luggage room (seasonal) 300 Ft / package
Swim-rig rental (daily fee)
700 Ft + 2 000 Ft deposit


Single-day tickets: Usable on the day of purchase only. Entitles the bearer to one-time entry. An additional charge will be levied if the allotted time limit is exceeded. Additional time extension cannot be purchased after the time limit has expired.

Lake passes: Deposits are refundable within 5 days of expiery. Refunds are payable in cash only, each day before the end of bathing time. Passes eintitle the bearer to enter the premises on two occasions per day. Following the bearer's first exit, a 15-minute wait period is required before return entry is permitted. Upon exiting the premises, locker number assignments are automatically cleared, after which we can accept no liability for contents. An additional charge will be levied if the alloted time limit is exceeded.


General information

  • Valid from 09.05.2020 until withdrawal.
  • The depth of the medicinal lake is 2-38 meters.
  • Free use of changing rooms (included in the entrance fee)
  • A sauna sheet is provided free of charge if you buy a ticket that entitles you to the use of the wellness facilities.
  • The services of the wellness area are only available to persons over 12 years of age.
  • Children under 6 years of age are admitted free of charge.
  • The deposit is refundable within 72 hours of expiry.
  • Daily tickets are valid only on the day of purchase.
  • All tickets are valid for one entry a day only.
  • We are not able to refund the price of the purchased tickets.
  • We reserve the right to change prices and opening hours.
  • An ATM is available during the opening hours in the building accessed from the Schulhof Promenade.

You can have more information about our special offers at the cash desks or on our website.
Hévíz Lake Baths phone number: 06 83 30 959 1002




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