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Proof, not promises– effectiveness of the therapies of Hévíz

One million visitors a year, regular customer rate of 80%, thousands of cured people in Hévíz, this is not a coincidence!

It has been known for a long time that the water of Lake Hévíz is a remedy for several complaints and many people owe their recovery to the therapies carried out here. The recent researches of Hévíz Spa and St Andrew’s Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases are now also scientifically proven beneficial effects. Several research programmes were carried out in the institute and all of them ended with positive results.

The following research was also presented at an international congress and even published in a well-known European specialist magazine:

Examination of the medical effects of Lake Hévíz in patients with knee joint degenerations

In the course of the research the patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis were divided into two groups. One group bathed in the lake and the other in a pool with heated tap water for 3 weeks, 30 minutes 5 times a week.  The patients did not get any other physiotherapeutic treatments and the doctors carrying out the examinations did not know in which group the patients were. The doctors measuring various parameters before the treatments, after the treatments and 12 weeks after the end of the treatments found that the difference between the two groups were significant. The research has clearly shown that the water of Lake Hévíz reduced the pain of the patients who were suffering from knee joint degenerations, improved their movement functions and thus positively affected the patients’ quality of life both in the short and long term.

You can download the article here.

After the successful international acceptance preparation of further scientific articles is going on about the following researches:

1. Proving the effectiveness of the weight bath therapy in case of low back pain

The aim of the research was to prove the effectiveness of the weight bath, which was introduced by Dr. Moll Károly in 1953, in case of patients suffering from mild or moderate lumbago.

In addition to the parameters showing the movements and the indices of the quality of life the authors placed special emphasis on the data measured by the Spineliner device, which has an objective method to measure the stiffness or flexibility of the joints and muscles. The medical examinations carried out directly after the weight bath therapy and then 3 months after the therapy showed improvement in almost every parameter, demonstrated significant improvement in several parameters proving the positive effects of the treatments.

2. Determining the effects of the healing mud of Hévíz in case of patients suffering from hand arthrosis

The aim of the research was to examine and document the therapeutic and chemical effects of the healing mud of Hévíz in case of patients suffering from mild and moderate hand osteoarthritis. In the course of the research the patients were divided into two groups: the patients in group one were given medicinal mud directly on both of their hands, whereas the patients of the second group got the healing mud on both of their hands through a layer of nylon for 3 weeks, 5 times a week.

Various parameters were tested at the beginning and at the end of the therapy and after 15 weeks. Based on the clinical tests, improvement was observed in patients who received mud treatments.

3. The effect of the complex physiotherapy of Hévíz in case of a specific autoimmune disorder

The ongoing research program carried out together with the University of Pécs examines the effects of the complex physiotherapy of Hévíz in case of patients suffering from a specific autoimmune disorder (systemic sclerosis) affecting their hands.

The aim of the study is to improve the functions of the hands by the help of a 3-week-long complex physiotherapy as well as to determine the short- and long-term effects. On weekdays the patients were given the following treatments: medicinal bath, whirlpool bath, mud treatments, massage, physiotherapy, ergotherapy. At the weekend they got 30 minutes’ bath, went for a walk and relaxed.

In the short term most of the measured parameters have improved and the used treatments have been effective. In the long term the hand function tests have partially shown promising results. The findings of further examinations are expected by autumn 2014.

4. Cardiospa – the experience of the technical testing of the telemetric cardiologic monitoring during balneotherapy in Hévíz

The general objective of the project is to provide a partially automated remote medical monitoring for patients who would stand in need of thermal water because of their underlying disease, but cannot take it because of their contraindications of cardiologic nature. The tests were carried out in 51 volunteer patients who do not suffer from heart diseases and it was found that the measuring instrument was able to give appropriate signals during staying in the thermal water and was well tolerated also by the patients.
In the next phase of the research it is planned to try the instrument out on patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

The above findings motivate the doctors of Hévíz for carrying out further researches, which are hoped to also have positive outcome.

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