Wellness ABC

Learn about the most important wellness treatments

To evolve a conscious lifestyle is necessary to carry about the body, nut just the soul. The wellness treatments can help you a lot.
We collected the most important wellness treatments, cure types for you.

Acupressure Acupuncture Anti-aging
Aquarobic Aroma light-therapy Ayurveda
Balneotherapy Caldarium Fango
Jacuzzi Jogging Chinese massage
Cleopatra-bath Kneipp steps Laconium
Lomi Lomi Nui Lymphatic massage Qi-Gong
Paraffin treatment Shiatsu Step Aerobic
Stretching Sole massage Thai massage
Thalassotherapy Yumeiho



In the course of the acupressure, the particular points of the body are massaged with finger pads or nails. As a result, the direction and the intensity of the flow of the chi, that is a vital force, in the meridians will be restored to the normal and healthy channel.


Human has around 360 main acupuncture points, and through these points, certain disorders of the body may be stopped by using acupuncture needles. The acupuncture is quite effective against pains and it also stimulates blood flow, stabilizes circulation, increases the body energy level and improves the general state of health.

It comprises treatments which help you remain fit and young, including stress relief, exercise therapy, beautician techniques, change of eating habits, vitalizing substances, brain training, change of lifestyle, and many others.

It is gymnastics performed in water and accompanied with instructions and mostly with music, which is protective to joints but it is also featured of training and massage as it requires force against the water pressure.

Aroma light-therapy
It is not the scent what is primarily used in aroma-therapy treatments but the volatile oil extracted out of plants. Volatile oils have certain components that get locally active within the body and perform only a secondary effect through smelling.
With lighting during the light therapy colored light penetrates deep into the skin so that to stimulate the positive reactions of the cells to everyday complaints and mental disorders.

The Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine and philosophy at the same time, which aims at the individual instead of the treatment of disease or symptoms by consideration and comparison of the individual habitus, climate, the seasons of the year and parts of the day, lifestyle, diet and many other aspects.

This is a kind of treatment with medicinal water or so-called thermal mineral water not classified as medicinal water yet. It comprises drinking cure with such waters, inhalation, mud treatment, carbonated baths, and medicinal baths.

This is one of the facilities used in Roman baths, which means hot water bathroom. The caldarium, usually tiled or covered with marble, in which people usually stay for 30 to 40 minutes, poses less burden on human organism than a sauna due to the lower temperatures (40-50 °C) and the humidity of the air (70-100%).

Mud pack from ground volcanic rock is applied to a certain part or the whole of the body. Fango is capable of holding heat for a long period, rich in minerals and free of organic substances. It has been used for the treatment of rheumatism for centuries, and it is also used for beautician purposes.

The water-jets directed to the particular points of the body and the massage promotes full relaxation. Due to the intensified blood circulation your body will get more oxygen so you’ll feel fit. The pores of skin get larger and due to the intensified blood circulation, your skin will be purified from toxins. As a result, the skin will be firmer and more elastic.

Jogging combines all the benefits of walking; it conditions the heart, improves muscle tone and strength, relieves stress, and can help with a variety of health problems, such as osteoporosis, heart disease and arthritis.

Chinese massage
The Chinese massage may be considered as a kind of acupuncture combined with stretching. The massage may consist of various parts. It may refer to the spine massage and the Chinese head massage aiming at the head and neck. During the massage, the acupuncture points are treated as well. The Chinese massage also includes the stretching of muscles or joints.

Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen did her best to fight ageism; she tried to make her skin soft and healthy by having a bath with donkey milk in it. The beauty care products named after her suggest having a bath with a mixture of milk and vegetable oil. These products are based on the conditioning and nourishing effects that milk and vegetable oils have on the skin.

Kneipp steps
You tread cold water stepping on pebbles placed on the bottom of a tub while walking around. The legs are lifted out of the tub at every step so that the cold water and the warm air will provide the contrasting bath character. The pebbles gently massage the reflex zones of the soles initiating a certain regulatory process.

It is a cool version of the Finnish sauna. The temperature may not exceed 55 C° and the degree of humidity is insignificant. It enhances congestion and supports the immune system.

Lomi Lomi Nui
This traditional Polynesian massage is one of the most pampering therapies of the Hawaiian kahunas. The massage starts by rubbing the body with “ti” leaves, and the body is heated with hot stones. Then while the lomi-lomi masseur is dancing with traditional dance-steps, imitating the steps of a frigate bird, around the nearly naked body of the patient, lying on the massage bench, he is giving the treatment, which means soft smoothing and kneading motions of the pad of his/her forearm and palm. Finally, he/she completes the massage with a ritual ablution of the body.

Lymphatic massage
This is a special kind of massage that makes lymph fluid drain away. The lymph flow may be stimulated along the lymph vessel by smoothing with gentle pressure, thus the tissues may be purified from the roughage. As a result, the skin becomes cleaner, better supplied with blood and firmer. This massage activates the immune system, promotes the recovery of the cells and tissues and reduces the susceptibility to inflammation. It is highly recommended as an additional treatment to detox cures.

It is a generic term to mean a wide range of heath-preserving practices. This ancient method combines the mental concentration, breathing technique and physical exercise so as to enhance and maintain your vital energy. The technique requires regular practice but it is easy to acquire for any age group depending on the fitness level of the individual.

Paraffin treatment
After smearing your skin with thermo cream you should apply the heated paraffin, which will harden on your body. This will temporarily hinder the skin respiration promoting the absorption of the cream full of effective substances. The paraffin pack contains alga, which is a fat-dissolving agent with high iodine content. It makes skin spectacularly firm, smooth and velvety.

Shiatsu is based on the ancient Japanese medicine and philosophy, but it has also been affected by the modern western medicine. It is suitable for preventing diseases, locomotor and mental disorders or just for a pleasant sensual and spiritual journey in the universe of your inner self. According to the Taoist philosophy the energy – prana, qi or chi – flows continuously both in the universe and in human body. The therapist treats the patients on the acupuncture spots along the meridian lines because these spots provide access to the various organs.

Stepping on and off a platform may enhance the development of the balance between the energy level of the sigh tensors and flexors. Such balance plays an important role in the prevention of certain sports injuries. In well-organized step training the choreography and the step combinations match the rhythm of the music used for the training.

It means a set of stretching and relaxing exercises. Painless muscle system of good tone is required for coordinated injury-free motion. While being used, muscles perform repeating motions of a small extent, that’s why they tend to grow stiff soon. These exercises help you loosen your stiff muscles of poor tone.

Sole massage
It has been used in Asia for five thousand years and nowadays we can see its revival. It protects and improves your physical and mental health without any side-effects within a short period if time. It helps you prevent diseases and stimulates the self-healing mechanism of the organism. Massaging the sole opens a way to affect the central nervous system, circulation and internal organs as it is extremely rich in nerve endings. In the reflex zones related to the particular organs, crystalline lumps of various sizes may be felt which could often be sensitive or even painful. The aim is to rub off these deposits and detoxify the body, improve blood circulation and stimulate the self-healing capacity.

Thai massage
An Indian medical man was the first to use this technique in Thailand 2500 years ago. In the course of time it changed but it has preserved its bases up to this day. The massage is carried out with hand, elbow, sole or knee along the so called meridian lines connecting the acupuncture spots. You can enjoy this massage wearing a comfortable cotton T-shirt and cotton trousers.

It has a relaxing effect, reduces tension and pain and affects muscles, interstitial tissues, joints, the autonomic nervous system, organs, blood circulation as well as the lines and spots harmonizing energy.

Thalasso therapy
Since the mid-19th century the thelasso therapy - -derives from the Greek word "Thalassa" = sea – has combines the holistic and the wellness experiences for the body and soul. A French doctor called La Bounnadiére was the first to use the designation in 1867, and since then it has been associated with soothing and regenerating effects of the therapy applying sea water, seaweed and sea climate.

Yumeiho is a kind of massage originated from Japan. It was created by Sajoni Masayuki, who used the elements of martial arts of Chinese Buddhist monasteries. The masseur kneads the body thoroughly, stretches the joints and loosens the blocks to make motion and energy flow free. The treatment combines the techniques of acupressure and the manual therapy with eastern physical exercises.