Hiking and touring

Walking tours do not require any preparation or sports equipment. Tourists keen on nature may explore the area abounding in woods even individually.

As the spring comes closer, it inevitably occurs to the lovers of nature to set out, enjoy the sunny weather and take a deep breath of fresh flower-scent air. At such times it doesn’t matter which direction you choose for a start; the only important thing is being outdoors.

The West-Balaton Region, within that the Kis-Balaton and the Balaton Uplands with their unique natural values as well as Hévíz and its surroundings rich in forests provide great opportunities for the tourists who are willing to find a few days for wandering the countryside.

These days walking with special poles, called Nordic walking, is getting more and more popular.

We recommend this activity primarily for our elderly visitors, since you burden not only your legs but you can set the upper part of your body in motion as well. Nordic walking can be pursued anywhere. Of course, the best choice is walking outdoors, enjoying the fresh air in a pleasant environment close to nature. Such conditions enhance the beneficial effects of the Nordic walking; it relieves stress and improves stamina and gait.

You can join the guided Nordic walking tours organized by the Tourinform Office on which you can acquire the basic techniques from an instructor, and in the meantime, you can hear a lot of interesting information on Hévíz and its surroundings. Nordic walking is an excellent family and community sport, that’s why it is highly recommended for tourists who are here with a company or reluctant to do any sports on their own.

Do not give up if you have no Nordic walking poles; you can hire ones from the instructor. You can make enquiries on the details of the program in the Tourinform Office.

The most popular Nordic walking route – a 6-km-long tour on the route Hévíz Véderdő (shelter forest) – Nemesbük – Egregy winery row – may be covered within one and a half hours.

Download the walking tourmap from the area, where all trails are signed!


Guide for the tour map


Keszthelyi hegyseg

Would you like to walk around the Small-Balaton? We recommend you to use this map, which guides you through the whole West-Balaton region. Small text on the other side of the map helps you to get familiar with the area.

Tips for walking tours:

  • Hévíz – Egregy – Alsópáhok – Hévíz (8 km)
  • Hévíz – Cserszegtomaj; Margit kilátó (lookout tower) – Hévíz (3 km)
  • Hévíz – Cserszegtomaj Várszínház – Hévíz (4 km)
  • Hévíz – Keszthely Balatonpart – Hévíz (8 km)
  • Hévíz – Cserszegtomaj – Keszthely Kertváros – Hévíz útvonal (12 km)
  • Hévíz – Karmacs – Hévíz (15 km)

Relax and enjoy walking!