You don’t need to wait until the weekend!

There are programs for each day of the week!

You don’t need to wait until the weekend!

It is almost customary that during the summer there is a good festival in almost every city in the weekends. Most of the time, it is almost impossible to choose from the better and better festivals to visit. Unfortunately, there are few outdoor programs, concerts in the weekdays.

Here, in Hévíz it's on the contrary! In addition to the festivals organised for the weekend, our city is preparing with programs for each night of the week.

On Monday evenings, the Operetta Theatre of Budapest entertains our guests in Fontana Cinema. For years, one of the most well-known Hungarian operetta singer Marika Oszvald performs on our stage who was also awarded with the prestigious Kossuth and Jászai Mari awards. Tickets are available for purchase in Fontana Cinema and in the Tourinform Office for 3900 HUF.

On Tuesdays, the Summer Evenings of Music program awaits our guests who enjoy music. Every week, different artists of several genre entertain the lovers of music on the small stage of Festetics square. From world music to folk music, everyone can find something for themselves to enjoy. The concerts are free of charge.

On Wednesdays, live music can be listened to in the vinehills of Egregy. The four-member band with dancers usually play Moldovan folk songs and teaches dance moves for the audience. If you don't want to dance, the songs are still worth listening to while you are having a wonderful dinner.

Furthermore, on Wednesdays a Historical Premium Vine Tasting is organised in the Museum of Egregy. Every attendee can visit the museum, the buffet, and the vine tasting as well. If you want to attend the program, you must apply for it in advance either at the venue or in the Tourinform Office by Tuesday night. The program costs 7000 HUF.

Also on Wednesdays, organ concerts can be listened to in the Heart of Jesus Church (also known as Green Church) in Egregy. From week to week, Miklós Teleki's organ play can be heard occasionaly with additional guest musicians. From August, the concerts will be held in the freshly renovated Holy Spirit Church (also known as Blue Church).  Tickets are available for purchase for 2400 HUF and 2100 HUF (for pensioners) at the venue and in the Tourinform Office.

On Thursdays, we are also preparing with programs. In recent years, on the stage of the Market of Hévíz a folklore program was held which was so successful that it had to be moved to another venue. This year, the program is called „Táncba hív a nóta rózsám...” (quotation form a folk song)  and can be seen at the stage in Deák Square. The Nagyváthy Folkdance Group prepares with an hour long program including several songs from different Hungarian regions with 4-8 dance pairs. The attendance is free of charge.

On the last Friday of every month, a historical walk in the city is organised for the ones who are interested in the legends, myths, and the hidden gems surrounding the city. The attendance is free of charge, however, registration in advance is necessary in Fontana Cinema.

From Fridays to Sundays, usually festivals make the summer exciting. In July, the festival programs organised are called Flavours, Dances, Good Neighbours and Maria Magdalena's Saint's Day which is held in Egergy. In August, Nostalgia Weekend and Vine Festival awaits our guests. The attandence on the festivals are free of charge.

If you are staying in Hévíz, there is one more place you must visit. The Market next to the Great Parking Lot is open on every Tuesday and Saturday mornings and on every Thursday afternoon. The Market offers not only fresh vegetables and fruits but handmade items and antiques for the visitors. Opening hours till 31. December: Tuesday and Saturday 7.00-13.00 and Thursday 13.00-19.00.

In the Tourinform Office, bicycles are for rent and our guests can book appointments for segway tours as well.

For the current programs in Hévíz, please click here: >>>

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