Wellness ABC - what does it mean? Letter P - S

Wellness ABC - what does it mean? Letter „P-S”

Wellness ABC - what does it mean? Letter P - S

Wellness ABC - what does it mean?

Letter „P-S”

Paraffin treatment , Qi-Gong, Shiatsu, Step Aerobic, Stretching


Paraffin treatment

After smearing your skin with thermo cream you should apply the heated paraffin, which will harden on your body. This will temporarily hinder the skin respiration promoting the absorption of the cream full of effective substances. The paraffin pack contains alga, which is a fat-dissolving agent with high iodine content. It makes skin spectacularly firm, smooth and velvety.


It is a generic term to mean a wide range of heath-preserving practices. This ancient method combines the mental concentration, breathing technique and physical exercise so as to enhance and maintain your vital energy. The technique requires regular practice but it is easy acquire for any age group depending on the fitness level of the individual.


Shiatsu is based on the ancient Japanese medicine and philosophy, but it has also been affected by the modern western medicine. It is suitable for preventing diseases, locomotor and mental disorders or just for a pleasant sensual and spiritual journey in the universe of your inner self. According to the Taoist philosophy the energy – prana, qi or chi – flows continuously both in the universe and in human body. The therapist treats the patients on the acupuncture spots along the meridian lines because these spots provide access to the various organs.


Step Aerobic

Stepping on and off a platform may enhance the development of the balance between the energy level of the sigh tensors and flexors. Such balance plays an important role in the prevention of certain sports injuries. In well-organized step training the choreography and the step combinations match the rhythm of the music used for the training.


It means a set of stretching and relaxing exercises. Painless muscle system of good tone is required for coordinated injury-free motion. While being used, muscles perform repeating motions of a small extent, that’s why they tend to grow stiff soon. These exercises help you loosen your stiff muscles of poor tone.


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