We tested the adventure parks at the western end of Lake Balaton

Now that the summer and the good weather are really close, it's time to look around a little with what to spend a free weekend or where to go with the family when the holidays arrive. So we went to test some adventure parks at the western end of Lake Balaton to see where it's worth going now, so before the beach season.

We tested the adventure parks at the western end of Lake Balaton

Let's see the offer, fairly, in ABC order:

Bobo Fun Park - Adrenaline Arena

The Bobo Fun Park opened in Alsópáhok in 2021, but we think the name Adrenalin Arena is more descriptive. How to describe it simply: a huge, really huge, two-level hall, which is very demanding and spectacular inside and out, full of crawling-climbing-jumping experiences. The arena has a morning and an afternoon game time, and you can choose from two types of tickets, depending on how committed you are. There are also separate coin-operated, paid VR experiences, but the main attractions are rather the moving tracks. Climbing walls, trampolines, ninja track, indoor rope course, etc. It's a great experience for adults, even without children.

Who do we recommend?

For anyone who likes to move, crawl and climb, whether as a family, with small children or with friends. This place can be perfect for teenagers and even adults, if they want a little (big) exercise and a challenge.

Bobo Fun Park - Adrenalin Arena's own website


  • very demanding location, with demanding games
  • provides recreation for several age groups
  • it moves mom and dad too
  • the VR room is a real treat for those who like futuristic experiences
  • cleanliness, order
  • regardless of the weather, it is always open
  • You can easily get here from Hévíz on foot, by bicycle or by bus

Consider this!

  • you have to pay attention to the playing time, as the day is divided into two periods
  • it is forbidden to bring in food and drink, in exchange there is of course a high-quality buffet with hot and cold food and drinks
  • it's a shame that you have to pay extra for VR experiences

Our tip: For future guests: rules apply to wearing shoes and socks indoors! Therefore, make sure to find out before we go! For the operators: Some outdoor games would also be great, maybe a laser fighting track or a mini go-kart.


The pairing may seem strange at first, but the park located on the border of Rezi has both life-sized moving dinos and adventure games.

With the daily ticket, you can use many experience elements, such as rope courses, pool football, children's climbing wall, mini golf courses, bocce and bull rodeo, walking dino, treasure hunt, boating, trampolines, playgrounds, light railway, while some games can be used with tokens (token price: HUF 250): grip machines, air hockey, foosball table, simulators, basketball machine.

Who do we recommend?

Where at least one child is a dino fanatic. The park is a great experience with smaller children.

DinoparkRezi's own website


  • the rope courses are good for several age groups, there is a section that even preschoolers can use
  • It is even within reach by bicycle from Hévíz
  • during the summer season there are quite a few different game options to choose from
  • there is also a restaurant/buffet, but you can also bring your own food
  • it is in an open space, in a large area, so there is no crowding
  • it is open every day

Consider this!

  • outdoor, therefore only recommended in good weather
  • some of the games are age-restricted


Our tip: There may not be enough trees, so in the hot sun, be prepared with sunscreen, water, a cap, and a hat to prevent sunburn. Some of the toys may be a little old, and it shows here and there, but dinos don't age.

Water Lily Adventure Park

The Tavirózsa Gardening Center is located between Hévíz and Keszthely. Don't let the name mislead anyone, the Tavirózsa Adventure Park is actually located in a garden, and it should be added here that it is in a correspondingly wonderful environment. While mother/father/grandmother is enjoying the plants, perhaps selecting or shopping, the children can test their courage on the rope course. There is also minigolf, archery, foot billiards, pedal go-karts, and treasure hunting. The main thing is a safe environment and a safe gaming experience! Of course, there is also a buffet, where you can enjoy refreshing drinks or freshly baked filled pies under a pleasant gazebo.

Who do we recommend?

For grandmothers who would like to bring their grandchildren to a place for a few hours where they will be safe, and if they are not participating in archery together, they can relax in an arbor and enjoy the flowers.

Tavirózsa Adventure Park's own website


  • the environment is wonderful and the operating couple is very nice
  • the games are recommended for children under the age of 16
  • easily accessible by car or bicycle, but there is also a bus stop a few meters away
  • for the more adventurous, there is also a go-kart track in the immediate vicinity
  • it is open from Monday to Saturday

Consider this!

  • outdoor, so only recommended in good weather
  • the ropeway is not very high, so it is not great for adrenaline junkies
  • it's not a very big park, so it's not a full-day program, but that can even be an advantage

Our tip: Go with your eyes open, because it is difficult to find the park at first, but not because it is not easily accessible, but because we only notice the horticulture.


The largest adventure park in the region, on a huge area, with a wonderful panorama of Little Balaton. In Zobor, there are both outdoor and indoor games, 4XD Cinema, escape room, adventure castle, giant trampoline, rope course, slide, free fall tower, laser combat, airsoft, water dodgem, VR experiences, water playground and the biggest attraction is the roller coaster. But there are even live animals, and even if you're in the area, you shouldn't miss the wine estate.

The park is a real treat, with many attractions, which are best viewed as a full-day program.

Who is it recommended for?

Especially for families with children, if the goal is to find a full-day program with lots of comings and goings and adventures, which can be an option even in bad weather.

Zobori Amusement Park's own website


  • in a very large area
  • many different attractions
  • demanding design, buildings, walkways, rest areas
  • there are also outdoor and indoor programs
  • a good experience for many age groups
  • Companions over the age of 65 have a walking ticket
  • there are also several buffets and self-service restaurants

Consider this!

  • outside of the summer season, it is only open on weekends
  • unless you are staying here in the village, it is only accessible by car
  • here, too, there are token experiences that are not included in the ticket price

Our tip: It's a good idea to set a budget in advance as to how much you want to spend on the program, because the horse can run away with us when it comes to chip games.

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Opening image: Zobori Adventure Park