Variations for ABORRA: interesting menus including the Wine of Hévíz and the best St. Martin's Day dishes

ABORRA means "for the wine". In 2020, with cooperating restaurants and hotels from all over the city, the event "Variations for ABORRA" was launched in Hévíz. During this special weekend, you can choose from soups, main dishes and dessert specialties prepared with the Wine of the of Hévíz.

Variations for ABORRA: interesting menus including the Wine of Hévíz and the best St. Martin's Day dishes

This year's event will take place immediately after St. Martin's Day, on the weekend from November 12th to 14th. This means that besides the young wine goose will also enrich the menu offerings this year.


Main ingredient: Aszófőer Welschriesling from the Fodorvin winery

The title “Wine of the City of Hévíz 2021” went to the 2020 Aszófőer Welschriesling from the Fodorvin winery. The competition took place on July 7 in the restaurant of the Hotel Spa Hévíz with the participation of an expert jury. Our jury was not mistaking, since they truly got the best: the Aszófőer Welschriesling by Fodorvin was again selected as the winner of the Italian Riesling category at the Parliament's Wine Chest in October  2021 from among 218 wines.

The family cellar of the Fodorvin winery was built in 1858 in Aszófő, in the Vörösmáli vineyard, where they currently manage 9 hectares as a family business. The reductively produced wine has a pronounced greenish-yellow color, and its aroma is dominated by citric and vegetable notes. The full taste is complemented by a pleasant acidity. It can currently also be purchased in the Hévíz Tourinform office with the label “Wine of the City of Hévíz 2021”.


Exceptional menus and courses

In mid-November, the restaurants in Hévíz will prepare more than just special dishes with the winning wine. These delicacies in the Platán restaurant will include, for example, the foie gras ragout with forest mushrooms and Aszófőer Welschriesling on a crispy yeast plait, as well as the crispy leg of goose with sage and rosemary potatoes and apple slices braised in Hévíz city wine. In the NaturMed Hotel Carbona's buffet menu - which is not only open to hotel guests - you can try, for example, a sauerkraut soup with smoked meat, dill and Aszófőer Welschriesling. There will also be a goose stomach ragout with a creamy mushroom sauce, which has been perfumed with Aszófőer Welschriesling. And on November 14th there will be roast lamb with rosemary-Aszófőer Welschriesling and anise as well as roasted pork knuckle with Aszófőer Welschriesling and white cabbage casserole with vegetables.


The ABORRA locations:

  1. Hotel Spa Hévíz**** Platán Restaurant
  2. Hotel Európa Fit**** Citrus Restaurant
  3. NaturMed Hotel Carbona**** Attila Restaurant
  4. Magyar Csárda
  5. Roman Cellar
  6. AzÉn Anyósom Restaurant
  7. Korona Restaurant
  8. Hofbräu Vendéglő Hévíz
  9. Sissy and Mozart Coffeehouse

9 +1.  Restaurant of Hotel Palace****, Restaurant Monarchia, where the 13 chefs will be cooking again!


The 13 chefs are back!

After a two-year break, the 13 chefs are back with an exclusive menu with the motto “This is why everything is round”. The idea for the title came from the shape of each dish since they are going to be round.


More programs for the weekend

The shops of the Hello Hévíz Association will have extended opening hours on 13 November. They are all going to be open until 6.00 p.m. and they are also preparing various decorations for St. Martin's Day in the centre of Hévíz.

The Hévíz Farmers' Market will be open on 13 November from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and will offer goose and wine delicacies.

In addition to the gastronomy programs, NaturMed Hotel Carbona is also preparing an extra wellness program for this weekend: white and red wine baths, honey body care program, mulled wine spices in the sauna and even a tasteful wine tasting will await the guests.


More information about the current programs and accommodations:

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