Traditional Hévíz Therapy has become a brand

The town has created an own trademark for the sake of the accreditation of therapies based on the curative power of Lake Hévíz, which is unique also in Europe.

Traditional Hévíz Therapy has become a brand

They would like to have the Traditional Hévíz Therapy recognised also by professional European organisations. The therapy gets excellent result in mitigating the spine and musculoskeletal complaints.
Recently, Hévíz has been able to deservedly win laurels, the town has even two reasons to receive the congratulations with raised head.
In recent days one of the most significant milestones in the life of the town is that the lake has been declared Hungarikum, therefore the cup of Hévíz cannot be knocked off the table of national prestige anymore. Along with the lake, the traditional medicine of Hévíz, which has never been this successful, has also become Hungarikum.

The healing effect of the bath culture of Hévíz is legendary throughout Europe, the curative power of the thermal water attracts masses of people who would like to be cured next to the western edge of Lake Balaton. Here, visitors spend more than a million nights annually. The Managing Director of Tourism Non-profit Ltd. of Hévíz, Horváth Orsolya said that the timing of the Therapy's branding was a special pleasure for the town, as it was 220 years ago this year that the first bathhouse had been built on the lake. In the course of these two centuries the Traditional Hévíz Therapy has simply become a brand. The qualification certificates related to the Therapy were handed over by the Mayor of Hévíz, Papp Gábor and the Managing Director of the Tourism Ltd., Horváth Orsolya.

In addition to bathing in medicinal water, the basic element of the Therapy are mud bath and weight bath. As additional treatment, the consumption of the medicinal water from a drinking-fountain is also a part of the healing process, as well as massages, movement therapies, and physio- and hydro therapies too. The duration of the therapy is two weeks in a standard case.

Professionals, specialised in this area, has worked on the development of the standardised Therapy, the fruit of their work is the establishment of a unique healing system. In the qualification of the institutes providing the cure prominent doctors has acted, such as the Medical Director of Spa Hévíz and Saint Andrew's Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, Dr. Mándó Zsuzsanna, the Sports Doctor and Rheumatologist of NaturMed Hotel Carbona**** superior, Dr. Major Zoltán and the Chief Physician of the Hotel Európa fit****superior, Dr. Moll Veronika, who happens to be the inventor of weight bath, Dr. Moll Károly's daughter.

The professional knowledge of the creators of the medical brand guarantees that those who want to recover here in Hévíz will be able to receive a therapy system, which is worthy of traditions and constantly advancing with the times. - Horváth Orsolya said. She sees the professionalism of the Therapy in two factors: presence of skills and medical supervision.

The Manager of the Tourism Ltd. also said that the Traditional Hévíz Therapy primarily can be called the trademark of Hévíz and the town intends to raise the brand to European-level. The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market is the institution that is responsible for trademark protection in the European Union. Hévíz has submitted the logo of the Therapy here, and in addition the town has a good chance to receive positive judgement, because there is currently no competing logo in the market. The final decision is expected by October.

The practitioners of the Traditional Hévíz Therapy will be entitled to use the official logo of the therapy, every institution, which has the sufficient professional, therapeutic background and medical infrastructure (pool with medicinal water, weight bath, facilities for mud packing, etc.), will be able to do so.

Currently, this can be said of the following hotels: Spa Hévíz and Saint Andrew's Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, Danubius Health Spa Resort Aqua****, Danubius Health Spa Resort Hévíz****superior, Hotel Aquamarin***, Hotel Europa fit****superior, Hunguest Hotel Helios***, NaturMed Hotel Carbona****superior, and the Kolping Hotel Spa & Family Resort **** in Alsópáhok.

The Traditional Hévíz Therapy's logo design, which is under registration.

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