Thalasso therapy

Already the Antic Greeks were aware of the beneficial effects of the sea.

Thalasso therapy

Already the Antic Greeks were aware of the beneficial effects of the sea. They recognised that bathing in sea water had an extremely beneficial impact on rheumatic diseases and had a relaxing effect on nervous system related illnesses.

Already small amounts of sea water contain high quantities of mineral salts, sodium chloride and trace elements (copper, zinc, selenium and cobalt), which stimulate and strengthen the immune system and have a beneficial effect on the skin and mucosa.

Thalasso therapy elements:

  • Thalasso algae pack
  • Thalasso mud pack
  • Thalasso bath
  • Thalasso massage
  • body-wrapping
  • and micro-dermabrasion

Thalasso is a Greek word, comes from the word “thalassa”, meaning sea. This therapy is using the healing power of the sea.

First La Bonnadiere French physician used consciously the power of the sea for healing purposes. Later on biologists discovered that sea water resembles to the human blood plasma and it is rich in iodine and zinc, which are essential for the body. Algae and micro-algae play an important role in the Thalasso therapy; practically they are the basis of the therapy.

"Micro algaes are the most brilliant creators in the Earth, created by biology.” (Prof. Walter Trosch, Fraunhofer Research Institute)

Algae/micro-algae contain the most vital substances. Its beneficial nutritional effects were acknowledged long time ago.


Algae concentrate the valuable treasures of the sea, magnesium, iron, inc, selenium, iodine, vitamins and amino acids. Algae decrease the body’s cholesterol level, breed probiotic bacteria, have a detoxifying impact, protect from physical exertion, stimulate the immune system, and help to achieve mental balance, strengthen the hair, regenerate the nails and maintain the self-healing power of the body. They are able to multiple/concentre certain ions to ten-hundred thousand fold, namely one kilogram algae contains as much trace elements and mineral substances as ten-hundred thousand litres of sea water.

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