The word Tepidarium means „warming room”. Tepidarium is one of the Roman type steam baths.


A Tepidarium treatment releases tension; there are no limitations for the duration of the stay, but a minimum duration of 30 minutes is recommended. Temperature of the bathing premises is between 37 to 39 °C.

Tepidarium is a facility, which has a nice tender impact on the blood circulation. It is considered as a regenerating bath between cold and hot baths. Romans in the ancient times used Tepidarium as a preparatory room for steam bathing. You can feel a nice sensation in the premises with medium humidity. Tepidarium stimulates and strengthens the immune system without straining the cardiovascular system. During the Tepidarium treatment stress is released and the body is regenerated. Tepidarium has also got a preventative and healing function. 

Tepidarium is also suitable for patients, who are not advised to use sauna.

Interesting facts

The air of the premises can be filled up with herbal additives or essential oils, which further enhances the relaxing impact.

Romans in the ancient times covered the walls of the Tepidarium with „Tabul” stone. As a result of the heat, gases are released from the charcoal, which penetrate the rocks and have a good impact on the body. Nowadays the Tepidarium cabin walls are covered with tiles and marble.