September around Hévíz

Lyric night of the lingering Indian Summer, Shadowy fields that are scentless but full of singing, Never a bird, but the passionless chant of insects, Ceaseless, insistent. The grasshopper’s horn, and far-off, high in the maples, The wheel of a locust leisurely grinding the silence Under a moon waning and worn, broken, Tired with summer …

September around Hévíz

We have gathered for you the programs in the area of the first month of autumn. Forest concerts, tasty dog days, sports programs, verkli music, cars, exhibitions, cult programs on boats, dance and music events, vintage and market programs await all those who visit the area of Hévíz in September.


Guided thematic walks in Hévíz!

September 8. The sounds of the forest are micro-concerts

September 15. The sounds of the forest are micro-concerts

pART Forest Exhibition until September 30

September 15-17 Flavors and experiences at Brix Bistro - Mexican weekend offer

September 15. Moonlight bath on Lake Hévíz

September 16. III. Hévíz Dog Day

September 29-30 Fairy Rose Folkfest

September 30 SPINDAY Marathon 2023


September 2 Festetics Concours d`Elegance

September 2-3 Keszthely International Workshop Meeting

September 4. Enchanted by colors

September 6. Júlia Szendrey memorial evening

September 7 - 10. Dance Panorama

September 9. Kulthajó Keszthely

September 15 - 16. Hungary-Turkey 2023 Davis Cup World Group I.

September 15 - 17. EKF KultUdvar III.

September 16. Kulthajó Keszthely

September 16. XVII. Ars Sacra Festival

September 21. Crazy prima donnas, or up to your neck in the mud

September 22. XVII. Ars Sacra Festival

September 23. Kulthajó Keszthely

September 30. Kulthajó Keszthely


September 3 10.: Miracle Deer Festival

September 9. Gyenesdiás Harvest Festivities

September 15. Come on, miner, don't give up hope! – István Klarik's photo exhibition

September 23 Gyenesdiási Potato Day – potato fair, cooking competition, concert, family playhouse

September 29. Seasonal Basket Shopping Day at the Gyenesdiási Market

September 29. Saint Michael's Day


September 2. BE GOOD IF YOU KNOW!

September 9 YOU ARE WORTHY! - Charity sports and games day

September 16 - 17. XXXI. Vonyarci Village Day and Farewell


September 1 Art Picnic: conversation with actor Zoltán Mucsi, a lifelong member of the Society of the Immortals

September 2 Harvest Fun and Fish Juice Making Competition

September 7. Do you know what you're looking at? – mysteries and symbols in visual arts: wine in art

September 8. Instrumental performances for children: the Garabonciás band participates

September 8. Landscape maintenance Vzőlőhegyi Farming Communities c. educational program

September 9. Me and my instrument - conversation with Zsuzsa Koncz and János Bródy

September 15. Rhythm is the world: the fiery rhythm of the batucada

September 29. Toast on the Bece roof