Renewed parking lots in Hévíz

The Great Parking Place and the parking lot by the Water Tower has been renewed at the end of 2021 which also introduced a new and smart way for parking in the city.

Renewed parking lots in Hévíz

The barristers have returned to the Great Parking Place but also the parking lot by the Water Tower got new barristers. In the previously mentioned parking lots the way of parking and paying your parking tickets have changed, while at the other parking places in the city you can pay by the traditional way.


The specialty of the new, improved parking lots is that you can park without a parking ticket and the system is also able to record your license plate. The new system makes parking much easier since you do not need to worry about purchasing your tickets, you can just simply drive in and pay after you finished with parking. It is important to notice though that once you have driven in, you still have 15 minutes to leave the parking lots without paying.


Parking without parking tickets?

Even though you don't need to place a parking ticket to your windshield, you still need to pay for your parking, but only when you are actually about to finish parking. Several terminals are placed out the parking lots where you can pay (in the Great Parking Place 3 while at the Water Tower only 1 terminal is available so far). At the terminals, you simply just need to type in your license plate number and also the number of the parking place where you parked you car (the parking place numbers are visible on the surface of the concrete e.g. P115 etc.). You can pay by cash or by credit card as well. After paying, you have 10 minutes to leave the parking lot.


Make it even more simpler

To make parking even more easy, a mobile app was also create which is available for iOS and for Android systems as well. The app is called Hévíz Parking, where you will not only find important information about parking, but it also makes it possible to pay for your parking ticket with your phone.



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