Relaxation head and neck massage

Did you know that head massage also stimulates hair growth?

Relaxation head and neck massage

Relaxation head and neck massage

Did you know that head massage also stimulates hair growth?

One of the primary goals of massage is to loosen up and refresh the body and muscles. Major aim of face massage, head massage and neck massage is to smooth the wrinkles, but they are also applied as refreshing massage. It is suitable for the treatment of facial oedema, recurrent infections, headache, allergies and skin conditions. The lymph glands of the head and neck zone are smoothened and lymph circulation is stimulated.

By massaging the head and neck headache can be easily eased, reaction time can be significantly reduced and concentration can be improved. Due to stress, incorrect posture, lack of exercise the neck muscles and shoulders become stiff and cramped. In this cramped condition less oxygen rich blood accesses the brain, namely the brain’s blood supply deteriorates. 



Stimulation of the scalp boosts blood circulation and increases the oxygen and nutrition supply of the area and thus it has a beneficial effect on the brain.


If we do not have the time to see a professional masseur, just ask one your family members or learn the relaxation face massage technique by following the below instructions:

1. Start at the root of the hair by applying pressure on the skin. Do this three times.

2. As a second step smooth over the forehead three times following three lines.

3. As a third step press the eyebrows three times similarly to the pressurizing carried out on the root of the hair.

4. Smooth over the nose three times.

5. As a fifth step gently press the eyes.

6. Rub the face three times following three lines.

7. As a seventh step press three times the jaw bone.

8. Pinch once the sternocleidomastoid.

9. Rub and gently pull once the ear lobes.

10. Massage the nape and the trapeze muscle.

11. Massage the scalp gently.