Programs for July in Hévíz and in the Region

In addition to the active leisure time, beer plays a leading role in Hévíz in mid-July. Beer specialties, concerts and children's programs await visitors to the city.

Programs for July in Hévíz and in the Region

Hévíz - permanent programs:

to August 30th The Centuries of the Roman Army at the Museum of Egregy (Monday to Friday)

to September 1st - a selection from the collection of the museum collection (Inner City Museum) (Wednesday to Saturday)

Farmers Market every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Wednesdays organ concerts with Miklós Teleki

Depending on the weather, hot-air balloon trips


Programs in Hévíz

7 July. Opening of the exhibition "Maps of the Carpathian Basin" - the exhibition can be visited from 8 July  to August 10th

14-17 July BEER PROMENADE in Rákóczi street

15 July. Walk - pantomime performance. Several brief appearances in the Northern Protective Forest

23 July Find the music! Micro concerts in the hidden corners of the protected forest



9 July 8:30 p.m. Concert by Myrtill and Swinguistique at Festetics Castle

9 July "Tankcsapda" on Viviera beach

15-17 July XIV Keszthely Folkfest

15-17 July Electric Garden in Festetics Palace

20-24 July. Keszthely Beer Days

23 July "Kowalsky és a Vega" on Viviera beach

24 July, 8:30 pm Omega Sunset - memorial concert at Festetics Castle

29-30 July. Flora Days at Festetics Palace

28 July Four Bones Quartet

29 July. Women in the storm of the centuries, women in the opera

30 July. Concert by Klára Csordás and the Grazioso chamber ensemble

30 July. Bagossy Brothers Company on Viviera Beach



6 July: Art Udvar series of events: Kuna Vali and his band (Pastorház Udvar)

9 July, Saturday: Gill Day - the Balaton Fish (Festetics Imre Experience Center) Saturday,

9 July: Beach Experiences Series: Art Beach (Gyenesi Lidóstrand) Wednesday,

13 July: Night Balaton Rowing Tour by SUP, Kayak or Canoe (Kayaksziget, Diási Játékstrand)

14-17 July, Thursday-Sunday: Gyenesdiás Wine Days



6-10 July National week

14 July, 7:30 p.m. JazzFiesta: Boombtucada, Percussion Ensemble, Real Blue and Contempo - Eszter Pozsár Trio

21-24 July Györök Wine Festival

28 July  JazzFiesta: Lili Majercsik Quintet, Ágnes Lakatos Special Zone

30 July Györök Fire Brigade Day



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