pART forest exhibition opened in Hévíz!

The pART forest exhibition, which opened on August 4, 2023 at 4:00 p.m., will be open to the public until September 30.

pART forest exhibition opened in Hévíz!

Hévíz Turisztikai Np. Kft. participates in this year's Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture events with its program series Forest Mystery.

The Forest Mystery, or Game in Green! the main concept of events in Hévíz is to use natural spaces for cultural events where people, nature and art can connect! It was obvious that the main location of the programs to be realized is the Northern Nature Reserve next to Lake Hévíz, where micro-concerts, children's performances and geobotanical walks are organized several times between April and October.

One of the special elements of this series of events the pART forest exhibition opened on August 4, 2023 at 16:00.

Anyone who knows the area and has seen the exhibition - which is not only the location but also the theme of the forest itself - can easily understand the choice of title. The pART forest exhibition is located on a forest path next to the northern stream of Lake Hévíz. By walking in the forest, we can get to know the hidden beauties that are usually difficult to see with the naked eye, or remain hidden during an average walk, through an exhibition showing the wildlife of the nature reserve, selected from more than 60 pictures. Pictures of wonderful birds, special plants, small animals and bugs can be seen on the pictures stretched on and between trees. A significant part of the works are paintings, the work of nature illustrator Márton Zsoldos. The exhibition also includes some photos taken by nature conservationists Előd Búzás and Gábor Sinka, here, in the immediate vicinity of Lake Hévíz.

The opening of the forest exhibition is a wooden gate with the motto of the exhibition: "Open to nature!"

On behalf of the organizer Hévíz Turisztikai Np Kft., Tamás Pálffy emphasized that the aspects of nature conservation, sustainability and green events were taken into account when organizing the entire Forest Mystery program series. Every event tries to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint, and in all its elements it strives to bring people, nature and the cultural experiences that can be experienced in nature closer to each other in such a way that they interfere with nature only to a small extent, but in no case in a harmful way.

Recycled wooden picture frames donated by local residents were also used for this exhibition, and sugar asparagus was used for mounting. The forest exhibition is expected to be on display until September 30, but this may even change due to the use of natural materials and the development of weather conditions. In this case, durability was not even a goal.

However, the gate remains! Because whether there is a pART Forest Exhibition in the Hévíz Véderdø or not, the message is always valid: Open to nature!

A small taste of the exhibition can be viewed in this photo gallery!