Lake Hévíz is open again without any restrictions

On the basis on the latest governmental decision, the Lake is open without any restrictions!

Lake Hévíz is open again without any restrictions

From 3 July 2021, no immunity cards or vaccination papers are required upon entering the Lake. You can book accommodations at any hotels or private accommodations without any limits. Wellness services are opening again, museums, adventure parks, restaurants can be visited by anyone.

Masks aren't compulsory anymore either, but please be patient with anyone who still requires you to wear a mask for safety measures. At most places, you will still need to sanitize your hands and keep your distance while queueing.

The cancellation of the restrictions applies for not only Hungarian residents but to everyone coming from the Schengen borders meaning Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Serbia. Regarding air travel, some safety measures are expected to remain. In the case of Ukraine, the previously accepted measures will stay.

From 1 July, the EU green card will be accepted as well which enables EU residents to travel within the EU without any restrictions.

Hévíz is full with joy to see travellers coming to the city once more after such a long time. Enjoy the lake and the town, we are happy to see you again!